Very Impressed

Not specifically stroke related but I thought I’d share in case someone may benefit from my experience.

Last week I had the unfortunate pleasure of picking up a UTI. I had forgotten how miserable a UTI can be. :confused::confused:

Not able to get through to the GP surgery, and in desperation, I asked my hubby if he could take me to see a pharmacist. I fully expected him to say I needed to see my GP & send me on my way but thought I’d try as I was in need of some pain relief.

To my surprise, after telling him my symptoms, he prescribed me some antibiotics and gave me some advice on what to do if they didn’t clear the infection. I never knew they were able to prescribe antibiotics. To say I was very grateful would probably be an understatement.

A week later I got a call from the pharmacist checking to see if the meds had worked, whether I’d had any side effects and whether I’d had to follow up with my GP. Not something I normally get from my GP.

I’m sure they can’t help with everything but I will definitely give them a try again if I’m ever in need and can’t get a GP appointment. I was very impressed and would recommend giving it a try should you ever be in need (hopefully never).


It was a local pharmacy in our local market town. I could have kissed the pharmacist (although that might have been inappropriate :rofl::rofl:). I will definitely go there again if i have any more issues. Saved my hubby from days of seeing my miserable face too :grin::grin: xx


Glad to hear you got your UTi sorted. We all know how horrible they can be.

In our area (Kent) you can actually make an appointment to see a pharmacist. Our daughter recently used this service when our granddaughter was unwell and they were unable to get a gp appointment. Unfortunately she had to pay £30 for the privilege but felt it necessary as she had no help from their gp and just wanted to get her checked out without having to spend hours sitting in Urgent Care.

Regards Sue

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Feeling a lot better thanks.

Pharmacy does seem a good option to try these days. I went years ago for some eye drops & they sent me to GP. Maybe now they’d issue them. Good that your hubby didn’t have to pay for them.


ive had similar good experience with mine too :slight_smile:


@Susan_Jane we might be able to make an appointment here too but i’ve never tried so not sure. It does seem a good option to try as waiting for GP appointment can take ages.

I’d have paid if needed to as i was in significant pain & couldnt have managed without some intervention. A much better option than sitting in urgent care or a&e.

Best wishes.

Ann xx


Thanks for that info Mrs5K.
I had such an infection early last year, apparently us fellas become susceptible as we get older. I was depressed and very uncomfortable, and had to sort things out through a practice nurse. You don’t get to see a doctor, I think they’ve either murdered him and buried him in the practice garden or have him locked in the store room. Anyway, eventually I was prescribed antibiotics and a week later I was feeling a whole lot better. It might have been more direct to contact the pharmacist, if I had known.
I’ll tell Hilary about this.


@Bobbi these infections do make you very miserable don’t they. I was a right grouch for 24 hours or so. Hopefully you won’t get another but definitely worth bearing in mind if you do suffer again.

Hmmmmm now I wonder where we should start looking for your GP :grin::grin:. Mine must have been let out the cupboard as I have an appointment with her in the morning :joy::joy:


They have been doing this for quite some time, I first discovered this 8yrs ago as I was getting frequent UTI’s. As it turns out, women can be prone to them too with age @Bobbi :wink:

So it’s always wise to check with your pharmacy first as they are permitted to dispense certain prescription drugs depending on the nature of the illness.

Word of warning though, if you are getting frequent UTI’s it might be an idea to see your doctor as that can also be an indicator to other conditions such as Type2 Diabetes, which can also come with age…not necessarily due weight and poor diet (though it can lead to poor diet if gone unchecked).

And don’t be shy of your practice nurses, they can also do lot more than they used (certainly since covid). Which is a good thing as they free the doctors for the more seriously ill patients.

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@EmeraldEyes it’s great that they can help. I have tried them in the past but they’ve always referred me to my GP so i kinda gave up. I tried this time in desperation & very glad I did.

Thankfully I don’t get frequent UTIs & kerping my fingers crossed i don’t get another anytime soon. But I will definitely see GP if i do.

I agree re practice nurses. Have seen them a few times.

I sound like I’m always at the drs. Pre stroke i rarely went. Since stroke my visits have increased :confused::confused:


I’d never have believed that a course of antibiotics could lift a case of depression so swiftly and so completely. But that infection had pushed me deep into a pit without my even knowing how I had got there. I don’t want to go through that again.


I can understand how a UTI made you depressed @Bobbi they are just horrid. If i’d had to wait any longer for meds i’d have been mega miserable too. The antibiotics do work well & fairly quickly too which is a godsend.


The pain of a UTI is enough to send anyone down that black hole. Even if it’s the middle of the night I’d have my hubby take me to the nearest all night chemist if I ever got another again…touch wood I never do again :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I think maybe they’ve been phasing them in across the country for a number of years. I think between Brexit and Covid the NHS has had to find alternatives ways for treating the more minor ailments in order to free up doctors and reduce some of the pressures on them.


I used to have cranberry juice (careful not to go for the stuff with loads of sugar) for UTI