Had TIA followed by stroke a few hours later which affected my right side end of November last year. Slight affect on right arm with tingling but right leg was the worse and originally completly numb with tingling.

I was started on physio in hospital a couple of days after stroke and felt dizzy when standing and trying to do the exercises.

After discharge a few days later carried on with the exercises given and the dizzy/vertigo effects still occured when walking around.

After couple of weeks went to see GP for them to update records, take BP etc and mentioned the dizzy/vertigo episodes when walking and asked if it could be the medications. I was told its a possiblity but more likly because my blood pressure which had now been brought down to ave 135/82 instead of the 212/136 when I had stroke.

Doing more exercise now with a treadmell (walking only at the moment) as well as mixed manual/office work but the vertigo is still there when I stand up and walk around. Its not as bad as it was in the hospital but unpleasent and seems worse when tired.

It seems the effects get worse after taking the morning meds and sometimes the dizzy/vertigo clears a few hours later. I have tried moving my blood pressure tablets around between the morning and night but it did not achieve much apart from altering blood pressure during the day. BP was checked 3 times morning, lunch and evening when doing this.

My medications are Morning:- Amlodipine, Clopidogrel, Doxazosin, Lansoprazole. Evening:_ Atorvastation, Doxazosin, Rampril. This lot has got my bp down to the new average but sometimes down to around 120/63.

Loosing weight at the moment with exercise etc and hope to get rid of some of these in the future.

Wondered if anyone else had had these symptoms of vertigo/dizzy with these meds or if it was down to stroke?

Thanks, John


I take Lansoprazole and clopidogrel and found that when I took them I had dizzy/nausea feelings. I then moved to taking them in bed with a cup of tea in the morning, before getting up and hour later, and have found this has helped. I also think it gets better over time as your body/brain recovers.


Thanks for info, the two meds that you mention were the only ones I did not try moving and left them in the morning as originaly prescribed by Hospital and confirmed by GP. I don't have any nausea but I think its more vertigo because when I stop after walking it feels like I am still moving. I think you might be right regarding time for body/brain recovery and begining to coming to same conclusion. I have noticed a few posts that mention side effects so have made an appointment to speak with Pharmacist this afternoon to see what side effects are from all of my meds. If they can cause vertigo and toilet issues and any alternatives that I could discuss with my GP.

good luck!

I have random dizzy spells so I can't pinpoint what starts them. I was given betahistine vertigo tablets which work within a few minutes and I think it was from the stroke rather than the clopigrel atorvastatin

Thanks, after my visit to the chemist to discuss my medication they mentioned a few alternatives that the doctor might want to try and also tablets for vertigo similar to what you have been prescribed if changing meds does not work. So looks like another visit to see GP.....

My mum is 5 months post stroke and is experiencing dizzy spells, although explains it's not a fainting kind of dizzy. She has had a switch around in medication but none of which has made much of a difference, and she has also had her ears syringed as she couldnt hear ( I think selective hearing more so) Ha! Ha! however that's not made a difference. So..... we blame the stroke, that seems to get the blame for a lot. 

Hi John.

I too have dizziness. First discovered whilst I was outside and looked up in the sky and nearly fell over!  I find it tricky to look sideways while walking too. in the shower I can't close my eyes without holding on to the wall as I go dizzy. I don't think it's the tablets, because I sometimes have a shower before taking my tablets (statins and clopydogrel) I think it's the strokes fault.

Thanks for replies all, yes I agree after moving my meds around over the last week again it has made no difference so it looks like it is the stroke. After a lot of mixed work situations over the last week some of which involved rapid movement I did not suffer symptoms of vertigo. The dizzyness appeared when I started to get tired and was walking around.

Today (Saturday, day off) was quite bad with last couple of days at work with manual and office work but oddly I had my best night sleep last night for just over 8 hours. The dizzy spells when walking around the house were with me all day along with leg being heavy and numb.

Looked at the diary I keep and found that my worse days for dizzyness/leg issues seem to be if I sleep past 6.30. This used to be the time I got up before the stroke so possible its my brain adapting?

The one thing I did find though is that by moving the Amlodopine to midday has resulted in my blood pressure now rising with exercise in the morning as you would expect before falling back after 10 minutes or so to its level. Before (last week) it was dropping from say 135/82 to 120/64 after one session which did not seem right. Now it goes from say 135/82 to 147/90 before dropping back.

Hi Everyone 

I am 5 weeks post ischaemic stroke and having persistent headaches, dizziness and sometimes palpitations.  I just wondered if anyone else had similar problems.



Dear Jessie

So sorry to learn of the stroke biting you. But welcome to this forum.

Yes indeed, such problems did occur for me in the weeks after stroke.

I continually took things easy, resting whenever I felt unwell. In the early weeks I would sleep/rest for 14 hours a day.

Our brains have been shocked. We need our brain to sort itself out. It will do this by "rewiring" to enable your brain to function. So give it lots of rest and lots of water. The medical term is neuro plasticity.

It does seem that there is often an effect on our hearts. Maybe this is partly me just being in a panic, but it has cleared pretty conclusievly over the months. The dizziness is common. I just laughed at it. One day I had to sit because I felt dizzy and I still fell over from being seated. The dizziness cleared by itself.

The headaches cleared quickly. Indeed I get far fewer headaches now compared to pre stroke.

You will need to be checked out soon. Note down the effects you are suffering and tell this to your Doctor or consultant. I hope you have an appointment to see a doctor within a couple of weeks.

It is a long slow journey to recovery. Please rest. Please hydrate.

Smile a lot. This gets the brain to think things are going OK.

Be positive. I have read hundreds of postings from fellow SS (stroke survivors) and the ones who recover best are the positive ones.

I hope you have some after care. Contact the stroke association and see what they offer.

Best wishes




Hi Colin

Thank you so much for your detailed and very reassuring reply.  I have seen my GP who put the dizziness down to low blood pressure and slight anaemia, but it's good to know dizziness is normal.  I am seeing the stroke team again in 2 weeks time but it is good to talk to fellow stroke survivors ?

Best wishes


I am so pleased you see a stroke team soon.

The SA do very good leaflets explaining many of the issues that follow a stroke. The electronic versions are on this site, also likely to be held on paper at your GP and also likely to be held at the stroke unit of your hospital. And also the SA will send you a pack containing these leaflets, if you contact them and ask for the "Stroke information pack" .

Your friends and family should also read these leaflets. So little is widely known about strokes despite the fact that are millions of strokes.

Ask anything you want. Someone on here is likely to answer.


Over the months I have noticed various changes one of which has been the dizzyness/vertigo episodes which have eased. They now usually occur about an hour after geting up are quite mild unless I am really tired and last until around midday. Also started to get up and the same time I did pre-stroke around 6.30 ish and if I feel tired (which is most days) just sit in bed for a bit longer before getting up. This has reduced the groggy feeling when finally up. I have had a few anxious moments since stroke when I thought it was happening again. For instance when getting up I am usually stiff but can walk reasonably but with limp and can feel leg although a little numb. The one episode that ended up with me going to A&E was when I went to have a shower after getting up as normal and leg went numb slowly spreading up my side so first thought was another stroke. My wife took me to A&E they took me through tests within about 20mins of booking in (thanks Chesterfield), took about an hour to get results and then had a 30/40 minute chat with doctor who listened to my concerns and answered questions. When I asked him about the vertigo/dizzyness he said this was quite subjective but it was not uncommon following a stroke for the brain to hav to re-adjust things like blood pressure when standing up and visual cues. He did say over time this usually improves but he would not be drawn onto what level which is fair enough. He also said if I get ill then depending what I get, guess cold flu or whatever it will bring back varying degrees of the stroke symptoms but that does not mean another stroke is occuring. I must admit the overall discussion was reassuring and I do not get anxious so much now when I get up and feelings/ability have changed fom the day before. Other changes have occured post stroke which I think could be down to a mix of medication and stroke but agree with the replys to my earlier posts that the dizzy/vertigo is more down to the stroke than medication.

Hi Jessie,

My ischaemic stroke was last week of November last year and apart from issues I have posted a few other changes have occured over time. One has been palpitations which started on different days during February. They always started about 1/2 hour after going to bed and the first episode resulted in me getting up and sitting all downstairs all night 'winding myself up'. My blood pressre was low at about 120/65 ish but heart rate about 98 which is really high for me when I am usually about 55 - 65. Also had irregular heartbeat on BP unit. This episode lasted until late that evening so about 24 hours. The next one was a few days later but I made myself stay in bed and go back to sleep which was on and off until the morning. After a few hours heart rate dropped back and palpitations stopped so about 12 hours in this episode. Similar thing a week or so later happened but shorter this time about 8 hours. Looked back as to possible reasons and on first episode I had my first glass of wine with sunday lunch since stroke which had usual Brussel sprouts Cauliflower etc. This had made my tummy a bit rough all evening. Next episode I had had a curry for tea, again a first post stroke and next one a Cumberland sausage with spices etc. All of these made my tummy feel a bit like a concrete mixer and I went to bed feeling like I would sooner have spent the time on the loo instead!! So my thoughts have now gone to a possiblity that certain foods are reacting with some of my medications leading to upset tummy, raised heartbeat which then results in irregular heatbeat and palpitations. Checking side effects of my medications on UK medicine web site:- shows that certain medication can lead to the issues I have had. Spoke with my pharmacist and she told me equivalent medication that I could take to the ones that I think are upsetting my tummy. Booked an appointment at GP's next week to see what they think and if they suggest alternatives to what I am on.

Hi John,

I had a stroke some 16months ago, still suffer with dizzyness and was told that I always will.  Though it is not as bad as it was I have moments.  I do exercise daily. But my part-time job is sitting for basically 4 hours.  I suffer bad with arthristis in my good hand, and neck problems along with back.  My BP is not to bad.  My anxiety is terrible, daily.  I take nicorette spray hourly/daily (depending on my mood) to try to releive along with an anti-depressant.  Like you im on bp tabs, statins and blood thinners.

I have just had my ears checked as physio said they must rule out ear problem before they say its deffo your stroke caused it and yeap my stroke is causing it.

I dont agree with the notion that dizzyness caused by stroke will always be there. 

Our amazing brain will work away at mending the damage.

I am 4 years plus and still changes are happening. This year, my back has improved, I can touch my toes and my ankles are starting to work.

Anxiety will cause so much grief. In your shoes I would get counselling and join groups that deal with relaxation etc. Good sleep is essential.

In years gone by I did get excess anxiety and that made me dizzy. Then I got dizzy after stroke and that cleared within two years. Well done for monitoring your BP. I need to also monitor my pulse, which I didnt realize was equally important.

Life is all so hectic. We worship the notion of being busy. We can however, change gear and be more relaxed. I do gentle yoga and I go to a relaxation group. Its so much better t share the issues with others who have some idea of what goes on. I also loved the local stroke group. 

Never ever give up hope. Things do improve.


I have a loss of 'Balance' due to a Stroke, since 2013. Is that what you are terming 'Dizzyness'?

I suffer with occassional light headed spells,feels like vertigo,head feels like its fuzzy.

Had tia in December,blood pressure is a lot lower now with the medication.