Velcro fasten shoes

Has anyone any experience/advice/ recommendations for some velcro fasten shoes?

I wear sketchers with non tie laces.


Skechers slip ons are good. There are also shoes that have zips as well as laces. Once the laces are tied to the correct fit, then you don’t need to touch them again.

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I can tie laces, but it takes quite a time and I prefer my crocks or a lovely pair of sandals that I bought from Tescos that are so comfortable and have velcro fastening. My husband who has lifelong hemiplegia has only just discovered (via the OT who we met as a result of my stroke) elastic laces and he thinks they are great. He is able to wear a pair of shoes that he hasn’t been able to tie for three years

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I wear laced shoes which are laced so that they can be tied with one hand.

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I wear wide slip in shoes seems to work for me as I cannot bend down to reach my shoes lol

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You can order special stretchy laces that you tie once the way you like, and then you just can slip the shoe on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for all the ideas folks… plenty of food for thought.
PS: I’m not planning to eat the shoes :laughing:

If you do, I recommend a piquant onion chutney.


Hi, I wear trainers/boots with laces and side zips but they look like “normal” shoes. Have a look at Reiker Shoes. They do Velcro and pull on too. Even better if you get in a sale :grinning:. Hope that helps