Vaccine priority for unpaid carers

I didn't know this so I'm guessing others may not either.


Unpaid carers under the age of 65 will be prioritised in Group 6 for the COVID-19 vaccine. Carers aged 65 and above will be able to access the vaccine earlier under the initial groupings.


All I did was ring my GP and ask for my husband to be flagged as my unpaid carer.

Here's the link to the article.

That's really helpful to know - thanks for posting

Thanks Pamela for this link. That’s really helpful.

Just wish our Surgery was up to date!!

During a GP phone call yesterday we asked the GP about me (i’m in Group 8 but with lockdown it will also be difficult to go separately) and she said no I’d have to wait so I’ll be back on the phone to them today!!