Using a wheelchair

I am more than 2 years post stoke and my life has now got much worse after mobility problems I am now having to use a wheelchair, surely there must be something I can do to relieve this situation from getting even worse.
Take care all you helpful people on my stroke guide and keep healthy
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@Arty123 sorry to hear this. Could you ask tour GP to refer you for some physio? If things are getting worse i’m sure they’d be able to get you seen again.

Look up some exercises on YouTube or internet & see if there is anything you could try.

It might also be worth speaking to Stroke Association helpline to see if they can offer some advice.

Best wishes.



Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your mobility. I would definitely make your gp your first port of call. In our area (Kent) we gave a Neurological Rehabilitation Team who offer physio and you can self refer. I recently had 7 weeks of phyxio, maybe you have something similar in your area, I’m sure your gp would be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck with your search, hopefully you will find something suitable soon.

Regards Sue

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Sorry to hear your not great.
Skim reading your posts of the last couple of months suggests your mobility is a long-running trend?
Is it possible less mobility creates a circumstances for being less mobile and therefore a vicious circle?

I’ve repeatedly found that being my own recovery director rather than relying on other people to have the same concern, understanding and then diagnosis and action plan as I bring generally results in disappointment. Whereas inviting them to contribute to the solution When I’ve designed the path is more fruitful even if they correct my misunderstandings to the point of complete redesign.

There are plenty of chair-based upper and lower limb exercise materials available on the net that folk have posted here eg these - that lead to semi-mobile then to low mobility and so on and thereby starting a virtuous circle.
Certainly once walking then progress can be faster. I find it’s getting to the point where you have a mindset to push the current limit rather than just stay safely within current limits that is the start of improvement. I also find that very hard. The gradual decline I find eventually gets to the point where it triggers a change; a sort of tectonic / earthquake action. Of course we are all different

Best wishes ciao

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Good morning Sue I too live in Kent so I will initially make a GP appointment and find out if there is a Neurological Rehabilitation Team near me and maybe I can get some help there. Regards Arthur.

Hi Arthur, I’m local to the Bexley Neuro Rehabilitation Team at Queen Mary’s hospital in Sidcup if thats any help.

Hope you find some help soon.
Regards Sue