User interface

Does anybody know if it’s possible a set the user interface to ‘no tags’
Does anybody know what the difference between all tags and no tags is apart from no tags seems to show you the poster all tags doesn’t

Any insight greatly received


@SimonInEdinburgh no idea here sorry

@AshleyTH @CommunityAdmin are you able to shed any light on this for @SimonInEdinburgh

Many thanks


@Mrs5K thanks for tagging us in…no pun intended. :upside_down_face:

@SimonInEdinburgh , I can’t see a way to set the user interface to no-tags by default. But I will keep digging to see if we can find out more about this.

I can’t find a decent description either. Any insight?

Not yet, but I will keep digging.

I see quite a lot of discussion in meta that tags don’t get used properly and people have turn them off…
I can’t see what happens to the suggested post list with all tags no tags toggled but I can see it makes a difference to what’s displayed

Simon I’ve got it, I know what they’re for, I understand them perfectly; I’ve just got to get my head around how to explain them :woozy_face: Give me a few minutes :sweat_smile:

Anyone else, feel free to pip me to the post :sweat_smile: :woozy_face:

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First off, tags can be useful for searching/sorting.
Well actually…not really…as I don’t think many on here use the tag function anyway…bit of a wasted option for us really.

But anyway…
Any time you create a post, you select a category from the “uncategorized” drop down menu to put it in.

The box beside that option is for “optional tags”.
You can either select an existing tag from the drop down list or create your own and it’s automatically added to that list in process.

Or you can just ignore it altogether like I do :blush:

The greyed out numbers beside the tag names are the number of posts that have been tagged with that name thus far…I think, I presume :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Now when it comes to sorting posts, you can either select a specific category you want or just select “all categories”

Then you can perform a secondary sort-by, using the tag names such as “covid”.
Or if you want all the tagged posts listed, you would select “all tags”.
Once you’ve finished with your sorted list, you can then switch it back to “no-tags”

Ask a question like that Simon and I’m bound to go find out :laughing: But it doesn’t half give me a thick head :woozy_face: Anyway, that’s as much as I want to know about tags . . . for now :blush:

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Hi @EmeraldEyes
That’s fantastic answer thank you very much, to the wrong question! :slight_smile:

Well almost and mostly the wrong question. My question was about what is the difference in the list of posts that are returned when you start looking and the default is always all tags. But if you change to no tags you get a lot more posts served by the default presentation of posts.
Recently I have been tagging my posts.

I’m presuming but I can’t find it written anywhere but all tags returns a subset of all posts that have a tag of any sort, and then no tags returns post posts without a tag but it could be returning a search that ignores whether or not a post has any tags. The simple case is if you tag the post rehabilitation for example then you search for rehabilitation tag you’ll get all the posts in that tagged group.

So to summarise I think more eloquent description of my query that you helped me now find is “does no tags ignore tags or search for posts that have not been tagged”

PS It seems you are a closet techy?


Trust me to get the wrong end of the stick :roll_eyes: I think my brain must have only registered or understood half the question and ran with that…probably the easiest half to go figure out :laughing:

And now your making me want to start using tags :face_with_raised_eyebrow: They are a useful tool, but they’re neither use nor ornament for at least half the general public on here :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I suppose it’s what’s classed as advanced computer usage, so probably only fellow techies and those young enough to know what tags are about from using them on social media a lot :laughing: Thus rendering them redundant here for the most part as you’d miss out on half the posts in a sort/search :roll_eyes:

Err…well…ok, so I am…but only a closet one and only on computer usage, not programming or anything in-depth like that :wink: I used to do a lot of this sort of thing but since the stroke not so much. So my family tend to go to my hubby and son now, but it’s starting to come back. Being on here, doing this sort of thing has really just made me realise that now :grin:

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I don’t think I have definitive answer to all of it yet but I did run some experiments on the PC where I looked at a specific categories with both ‘all tags’ and no tags side by side.

The list of returned threads / topics was sorted in the same order in both lists. The ‘all tags’ list was a superset of the ‘no tags’ list.

The no tags list omitted all the posts that had had any tags applied to them. Ie it appeared (intuitively) to be the list of posts that were untagged

The ‘all tags’ list contained posts that were both tagged (with any tag) and not tagged.

I can’t be sure that ‘all tags’ returned every thread that existed for the category but that’s my suspicion and therefore ‘all tags’ would be better labelled “all posts” and ‘no tags’ would be better labelled “untagged posts only”