Useful YouTubers

Hi folks

What (if any¡!) Online resources do you know that you find helpful
I’ll start you off with two YouTube & an Instagram channel for targeted rehab

They are


I discovered rehab HQ during lockdown. Tara Tobias saved my sanity! I still do a lot of the exercises every day. Only trouble is I can spend hours watching that stuff instead of actually getting off my backside and actually doing something!:joy:


Www.elysenewland com she has a really good youtube channel too.You Tube Exercises


I thought it’s would be worth just noting that different strokes have changed their exercise program slightly and they’ve now got a program of exercises rather than the daily stuff

You can find their YouTube channel playlists which includes the new 5 levels exercise programs at

While I’m here I’ll just emphasise that the falls prevention video that I noted elsewhere (here) is really quite good for anybody who has concern about improving their mobility because of their vulnerability to fall.

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