Useful equipment for rehabilitation and recovery?

Prompted by a number of conversations between stroke survivors and their families, I would like to encourage you to share any tools/aids/organisations which have helped you to recover or overcome stroke – particular those which are currently not mentioned by stroke guidelines or that you have heard of by 'word of mouth'.

It seems there are so many examples of tools and organizations out there which people have found helpful.  I look forward to hearing about your experiences and hope others can gain some tips. Below are a couple of examples that, although not endorsed by myself or the Stroke Association,  could be of interest.


We have one stroke survivor who was introduced many years after a stroke to “motomed” machines which provide movement therapy   It is a machine that can be easily brought to a patient sat on a normal chair, it is perhaps a little like an adapted cycle machine and can be used to strengthen both arms and legs.  They are sometimes available in hospital gyms, local authority gyms or can be bought or hired.  Has anyone used these machines and how useful was it to you?


FitMi from Flint Rehabilitation in the US is a technology based tool that some people have reported can help recovery, with its interactive nature helping with motivation.


There is an increasing number of videos which help people with exercise and rehabilitation after stroke.  They often come from many parts of the world, as well as from our own NHS.  Some are from Australia and New Zealand where population density is very low and it is harder to for rehabilitation specialists to visit frequently.   Would anyone like to provide any feedback of what you have used and how helpful this has been?

 Thank you,


I have been contacted by an Occupational Therapist on the local Early Supported Discharge Team about trying to to set up a bank of unused therapy tools and equipment that must be out there sitting in draws and cupboards that could be used with current patients.

In particular he is thinking about Saebo gloves, splints, shoulder braces, Electrical stimulation machines and items such as cones, weights etc. Some of the soft items braces/splints could only use for assessment but would still be really useful.

Does anyone know of such a scheme or have any unwanted equipment they could have?