Urinary incontinence

Hi, anybody else have problems holding there bladder, I know when I need to go but sometimes can’t hold it till I get there.


Yes, I have problems like that. Part of the problem is that I have to drink alot of liquid to keep my kidneys clean. The blood thinner that I am on can cause kidney problems unless I drink plenty to ‘flush out’ the waste product produced by the blood thinner.
This does cause problems when I go out because I have to plan ahead and make sure toilets are available for when I need them. Planning ahead like that can be a big job in itself!
Apart from planning ahead I haven’t really worked out how to beat the problem - I have to keep taking blood thinners because they are essential to help prevent further stroke events.

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@Lynne71 I have found since having my stroke that I need to go to the toilet less than I used to and I can someyimes even go all night without the trek to the bathroom :partying_face: I do find though that when I have to go I sometimes only just manage to get there in time - probably because my walking is too slow.
Prior to my stroke I was on meds for weak bladder. They didn’t completely solve the issue but helped a lot. Have you spoken to your GP about it as they might be able to help? Please don’t just put up with it as it can be pretty miserable.

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I am six months approx since my stroke and male.
Similar sort of problem here. I am not out and about, though I hope eventually I will be.
I can suddenly urgently need to pee though often it is not much it is sufficient to be embarrassing if I don’t deal with it.
My solution is to always have a small bottle available at all times and that works well.
Before I started with the bottle all sorts of horrors occurred as I panicked to deal with it. A number of times I fell, though luckily I’ve never been badly hurt.
Incidentally I have never been catheterized, but what I have seen in hospital frightens me, I could never consider it an option.
I realise that things are different for men and women but ultimately the problem amounts to the same thing.
I have heard of a device called a ‘lady wee’ - maybe that is an option? There are a number available on the internet at a reasonable price. Sorry I couldn’t help myself, did a net search.

I have to say this is a very serious issue. I had problems not being able to pee and ended up with a catheter, fitted, it’s not so bad once you get used to it. It was a stepping stone for me to get better control whilst they tried different meds and in all fairness It worked, I ended being fine and only using a throw away catheter just when I needed it. My peeing went back to normal. Everything is fine now.

The down side and risk of a catheter or not being able to pee is a urine infection.

I have a compromised immune system so when I got a UTI (urinary tract infection) it went side ways for me and I had it so bad it turned into Sepsis & Delirium and I was fed on a tube for 10 days! It was a worrying time for my family. I’ve been left with PTSD from the delirium. I’m not trying to scare you from getting treatment, in fact the opposite, to avoid all this risk make sure you deal with peeing issues quickly and do what the specialist tells you, pleasant or not.

The reason I mention this is yes I was unlucky but if you can’t pee enough then you are sure to get an infection which can be very serious and painful, so please see the GP if you are struggling to pee. It’s the last thing you need after a stroke. Hope it sorts itself out for you. X

When in hospital and for a year use to have big dribbles at any time so bought mens absorbent protector, to line my pants and pyjamas.brand name TENA, and they come in two grades of absorbency light and medium. They did job for me. Thankfully, coming up to two years on, big leaks and dribbles thing of past. Hope this is some help

Hi Lynne - I have had the same problem since my stroke. I noticed that I began to have that “uninary let down” feeling when I got close to the bathroom. I think it’s my body’s memory that soon I will be urinating, and it begins the process. Once it starts to flow, I can’t stop it. If ahead of time as I move toward the bathroom, I concentrate on holding it in tight and thinking I’m out shopping and not going to go to the bathroom I can hold it until I “hit the toilet”. I’ve been doing this lately, and I have noticed that my internal “muscles” seem to be getting “stronger” and “retraining”. to hold it in. I think everything got more “lax” because of the stroke and now needs to be retrained, just like how I had to retrain my leg and arms muscles. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Jeanne, I think you’ve made a very relevant point there. Its retraining but not the sort you normally encounter in physiotherapy, important nevertheless. No-one ever mentions this. I’m sure you are right and it is possibly another thing my brain needs to make efforts to recall. After all things weren’t always like this.

Keep on keepin’ on. :slightly_smiling_face:

What practical suggestions might we come up with to achieve this ‘retraining’?
Also are there any psychological aspects to this issue that would help?

@Bobbi @sunnyday not related to a stroke but when my hubby had prostate cancer he had no bladder control at all. He was given pelvic floor exercises to do - about 40 at a time, three times a day. He did these religiously without fail & he eventually got complete control of his bladder back. It took a few months & 4 years later he still does them but I think that’s because he’s scared he will lose control again. The good news is you can do the exercises when sat watching TV or whenever.


Thankyou for that. I have just found and downloaded some information on men’s pelvic floor exercise. The NHS link is:https://www.nth.nhs.uk/content/uploads/2017/11/Corp505-Pelvic-Floor-Exercises-for-Men-Information-for-Patients-14.09.15.pdf

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@Mrs5K Thanks for sharing that, I’ll look for info on pelvic floor exercises. I’ve heard of them but only in passing. I’m sure that will be useful.
While I wrote this sunnyday posted something.
Thanks @sunnyday I’ll take a look at that but first I need to get on the bed and rest. I’ve been playing in the kitchen again and I’m pretty shattered.

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Hi there, yes that’s exactly what happens to me!!! I’m working on strengthening my muscles so hopefully it will improve xx

Sorry but I might be on wrong forum … struggling with urinary urgency, statin control and everything else in the universe…… I just want to be Me again

@Lynne71 sorry to hear you’re struggling. I saw my GP ref urinary urgency (pre stroke issue) & they referred me for physio & I’m now on medication. Don’t struggle on there is some help out there.
I don’t have any issues with statins so not best placed to advise but your GP should be able to help with this too.
If you’ve got any question reach put on this forum there is usually someone who can help.
Best wishes.
Ann x

Yes…it’s awful. I absolutely sympathise if possible. I do exercises but the suddenness and the anxiety it generates is awful. Protection is expensive too and doesn’t always work.



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