Urgency going to a wee

Another quick clothing change due to me leaking before getting to the loo it happens to frequent ly usually if I don’t get there within my 2 hour rule. If if cut back on the liquids I dehydrate and get constipation, what my new life has become, nothing can be done I need to be more mindful, thanks for listening


Another frustration of a stroke to contend with for you.

If you haven’t already you should mention to your GP. There is much they can do these days.

Thanks for your thoughtful, I must be more diligent, I have a schedule I need to be no timely , wasn’t like it last year only been a recent issue

Tena pads for men might help. A friend of mine uses them and swears by them.

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Had frustrating dribble for a while so wore pads for over a year then got less. Now and again catches me by surprise but nowhere near as bad

I also experience this type of urgency. A contributing factor to this is the anticoagulant medication I take. I am advised to drink plenty of liquid with this medication so that the bi-product of the medication is flushed out of my system (otherwise it could cause kidney problems).
It is like the old saying…‘what goes in, must come out’. And it certainly does!


Thanks for the tip hadn’t realised it did this will continue to hydrate and make regular pee trips

Hi ,have you had a prostate check recently?
It’s possible you could have something going on down there.

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No check but it is not stop start it’s mental control of release, regular pee bbteaks work out well, I have a 2 hour window and need to be near a loo

Once I stand up and make a bid for the loo it falls out, my AFO is broken new one next wee means my walking speed it limited thus increasing the issue plus my painful leg, all against me.

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Better end to the day got my timing right onward to a better day, thanks everybody stay safe and battle on