Well I’m only 6 or so months in I’m slowly getting strength back thanks to pip I now have a new automatic car which has released me I’ve been abroad twice after I got over the travel insurance hike shock I’ve had a very decent summer the car I would say is the biggest boost being able to go out get in the car an go to the shops is just well always taken for granted until you can’t so all in all things going in the right direction


@Briansmith1962 that all sounds really positive. Having the car will make all the difference. I need to change my car & then I’m hoping I will get a bit more freedom back too.
Good luck with your continuing recovery.

Pleased things are looking up for you

Thank you I do believe the car has made all the difference . Like they say sometimes it is the smallest things that make all the difference that said without the dedication of my wife I would not be feeling the way I do