Update on cholesterol level

Some of you may have seen my previous post about the leg aches I’ve had with statins. I’ve just finished the starting course of Evolocumab injections and had a letter today to say my non HDL cholesterol has reduced by half and is now 3.8mmol/L which is great. It’s still slightly higher than they would like so they have recommended adding Ezetimibe and Bempedoic Acid ( not sure what these are for yet). I’ve picked up my prescription for the injections for the next 6 months from the hospital and will try and get a doctors appointment for the extra tablets. I have to say I’m a bit wary of any new tablets as I don’t tend to get on very well with new tablets following a severe reaction I had years age to a drug called Carbimazole. I’m really pleased with the result of the Evolocumab and have had no side effects from the injections.

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See Bempedoic acid with ezetimibe | Drugs | BNF content published by NICE


The Wikipedia link may be more digestible then the NICE!

Good luck with the new meds and let us know how you get on.

I have had my BP meds altered whoever last few months without any effect on my BP :(. Also my statins which I think are causing me leg aches but it’s so hard to isolate a cause for the effect :frowning:


Hope you get your BP medication sorted soon, it’s so important to us all that BP is controlled (I had a large spike in my blood pressure before the stroke). I take Propanolol at night as it’s a long acting medication and keeps my BP within normal limits, There are so many different makes of cholesterol drugs that if you’ve tried a few and still get leg pain it may be worth getting a referral to the metabolic clinic and try the injections. They’ve been a real game changer for me.

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Thats a great reduction in your cholestetol. Seems like it is working fairly well for you. I take atorvastatin but i think i recall people saying they take ezetimibe as an alternative if they can’t tolerate statins. Hopefully it’ll be ok for you.

I’m so pleased with the result and have found the injections easy to use. More to the point no pains in the legs which was constant when I took statins. Hope things are ok for you at the moment.