Update - Long term catheter - female

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I just wanted to share with you that Mum is no longer using the long term catheter. She endured it for over 3 years, totally unnecessarily for most of that time and now with a bit of good fortune, it had finally been removed following a TWOC.

She seems much happier and has more freedom to move etc. She is also having to re-learn how to pass urine voluntarily rather than involuntarily and thankfully she is doing very well.

Hopefully, she will soon be back to normal on that front.

We can class this as an another win for perseverence and refusing to accept things cannot be improved!

Best wishes to all.



@ManjiB that is fantastic news. I am so pleased for your mum. I am sure she will be more comfortable without it and it will be easier for you too. Here’s to more improvements now she’s now bound by the catheter.

Hi, brilliant news for all of you. Hope her recovery continues well.

Regards Sue

Brilliant news - and proof that things can improve after a relatively long time too. Best wishes to you and your mum