Update about my brother

Hello lovely people ??

Yesterday i visited my brother in hospilat. Finally i can go inside. Im amazed what a lovely people working in there ?

1. I was prepared to shave his head as it was only half shaved after surgery. But luckily one of his nurses done just before i came ❤️Bless him ? (he has surgery and finaly have skull replacement)

2. My brother birthday was few days ago. And wow what a lovely surprise they done yesterday. My brother made chocolate cake and later all nurses therapist and doctors and some patients came with that cake and sing Happy birthday to him. Some patients made cupcakes as well. Was lovely to see in real all staff who is caring about brother.

3. The best was that i was able to see with my eyes how brother slowly start walking. It was soo emotional. And he is stubborn boy. He want walk till the end even its hard and exhausted?❤️

4. In 6 weeks he will be probably discharged from hospital. So now its worrying where he will go because i don't have place for him and he don't have his own too. But hopefully social worker and everyone will finde solution?❤️

I would like to share few videos with you but unfortunately i cant in here as its too big :/

Best wishes and take care xxx


Thats just a lovely, cheering post. Thank you Raminta.

During lockdown, i have had eleven days in hospital. No visitors allowed. And yes the staff went the extra mile and were lovely. In many ways it is good if we have no visitors, so staff can do their jobs.

lovely sunny evening here in rural Essex. 


Hi Colin??

Im glad to share good and positive things. I bealive it makes others to not given up and fight ?and if what im sharing making somebody smile and happy i feel soo good?

I do agree with you that too many visitors is not good but it was soo hard for me when i wasnt able to visit him even for short time and for brother as well. I was just close to him and not disturbing therapist in session.

In Hampshire is sunny evening and me and my boyfriend going for dinner finally after long time. 

Best wishes to you and take care???



Thank you. Nice that you are thinking of others.