Unwell for 3 months

Hi, I'm Jan got out of hospital yesterday after 5 days.

Sent to A&E by out of hours GP in early hours of Friday morning after feeling quite unwell for sometime.  Blood Pressure was 247/117, sent straight to Resus Green. I had had an MRI 2 weeks previously, which showed old lesion on brain. GP then put me on blood thinner.  Having been in hospital they put me on a few diuretics and bp meds to get it down.  On being discharged yesterday 16/12/20, the consultant told me there were MANY small Ischemic blood vessels over my brain, not sure when these happened.  I have not had a stroke, but feel very weak, nauseous, dizzy, no appetite and fatigued.

I have been given a walking stick by the physio at the hospital yesterday as I am unsteady on my feet, they said just to give some stability.  My short term memory has declined somewhat over the last few months and they advised I ask GP for referral to a memory clinic.

Even though I haven't had a stroke (thankfully) I wondered if this site was the right place to get advice and thoughts as to what happens from here on in.

waiting for BP 24 hr monitor to come in the post.

thanks for reading.




Jan. welcome to our site. None of us are medically qualified, but your health situation sounds quite complex to me. I would want to know exactly what they mean by an old lesion and what problems the Ischemic blood vessels might cause.

stroke causes tiredness and fatigue, so rest when your body tells you to. Keep walking, because we all need to maintain a level of fitness. Try to work out what other support you might need and talk to your gp about support you can get, perhaps from a district nurse.

I hope you recover well. Feel free to ask anything on this site or just let off steam.

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Hi Jan

strokes don't always show up on a MRI straight away.  I found this out when my husband Had a stroke, the only thing affected was his speech and memory.  It showed when he went for a check up later on.  You sound a little bewildered, in need of support.  I use a stick when am walking.  Fear of the indignity of falling over makes me use it.  As well as a dodgy left hip. Don't be afraid to ask your GP for advice, I have recently had my blood thinner tablets changed as I wasn't feeling too good with the first ones they prescribed.  There are choices.  Sadly covid has made it very isolating when being discharged from hospital.  I was lucky enough to find a carer to come in daily for a couple of weeks to help with personal care and support.  It is a battle but take it day by day you will overcome things.

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