My physio is getting me to stand and trying to get me walking but I feel so unsteady on my affected leg, I do not see how I can walk on my own. I am 3 months post stroke. Any words of encouragement please.


Dear Jane

Three months  is still very early. My stroke occurred in January 2020 when I was 75 years old. I returned home after eight weeks in hospital still unable to walk, despite lots of physio. I had been taught to transfer with my husband's help but had to live downstairs. At that time my weak left leg seemed unable to lock at the knee and, like you, I couldn't imagine ever being able to walk. I didn't have any community physio until around June 2020 because of 'lockdown' at the time but once it started, I was given exercises to do. I have a rail along the front of my cooker which I could hold onto with my strong arm. I was prescribed a splint for my weak leg because I have foot drop and after many weeks with a physio managed to walk the short length of the cooker. I was then assigned a second physio and with the two of them and a quad stick they got me walking. A few weeks later they taught me to climb the stairs and get back down again, so that was the end of downstairs living. I still only walk indoors, my attempts at walking outside not being very successful. The community physios stopped seeing me in October last year; they said I'd plateaued. I'm in the process of trying to arrange some private neurophysiotherapy at the moment since I still have a long way to go with my recovery. I'm not very confident with walking and my gait is poor and needs improvement if possible.

Please try to keep positive, easier said than done, I know. Everyone on this site will tell you what a slow process recovery is and what great patience is required. It's certainly the hardest thing I've had to cope with but keep at it and I'm sure you'll be rewarded with gradual recovery.

Thinking of you.

With best wishes,

Anne S xxx


Thanks Anne 

Oh I can’t believe this.3 months is too early. I even couldn’t go to a toilet that time.I was on wheelchair for 2 years.Now I walk independently.I am 51 years old and affected on both side. I had a massive stroke in 2017.Please relax.I am sure that you will improve.It takes time don’t be too hurry!

I get so despondent!! X

Don't be despondent. Your recovery is in your hands. Work hard and you'll recover. That's my theory and what I do. I'm constantly working on my recovery. Doing things like sit to stand will be good for you. Not only in a practical way of getting out of a chair its good for building strengtrh in your lower half. Keep working at your recovery and you will see progressl. Yes its slow but you can do this.

Thank you cx

I am sorry how I wrote down as I can’t speak English very well. I understand your frustration but I just would like to say you are not alone I am sure you will improve yourself and get better.It will take time.

Thank you. My first attempt at taking steps was totally supported by physio so can't imagine ever being able to do it by myself!!

I am 2 months from having my stroke. I am able to walk having lost coordination on my left handside - so I'm doing well. There was a point when the physio were getting me up that I thought I would never be able to do it. I still feel shaky and have pins and needles on my left side. I started walking with assistance ( very shaky) then with a stick (very shaky) I have improved quickly (and I am aware it will take longer for others) and now walk without a stick (unless I am do a longer walk). It still feels shaky but is slowly improving.  I think you should have faith in yourself and your physio's that this is the correct thing to do and I am sure you will be walking in no time!

Dear Jane,

Yes, patience and persistence is required! I began walking just as Anne S has described after eight weeks in rehab not walking and was a bit scared by how tall I felt! I'm 5ft 4 having spent all that time in a wheelchair.

But once home and with an ankle support and a quad stick progressed to an ordinary stick and walked gradually further outside ( by lampposts on smooth level pavements). After about a year I could walk about 200 meters so slow progress but worth trying hard!
Good luck


Hi my name is shaz just trust you physio and you have to learn to trust your body it’s early days yet. I was the same but I had to learn to trust and readjust but I’m now walking unaided now.xx