Universal credit rent support

I have looked at the link UC sent me and I am only allowed a 1 bed flat/house, etc.,
If I wanted to rent a 2 - 3 bed would they give me any rent support?

This might help

Thank you. Turns out they will only give me help with 1 bed flat size and I will have to make up the difference

I thought that might be the case


UC have deducted what I receive from ESA and only pay me £1 a month. Is that right do you know please?

Just checked online and, unfortunately, that is the case. If possible, contact Citizens Advice if you need help.


does anyone roughly know how much monetary support I will receive for a 1 bed flat e.g. £200 a month, towards the rent.

I live in a 1 bedroom flat & the DHSS pays the rent of £820 p/m .
Hoping this info helps :+1:t6:

Hi Jordan
Thank you. I just don’t know what value rent to go for. I will keep in mind the amount you receive and cross my fingers :crossed_fingers:
I have two properties to look at next week

Good luck A.clare71

Hopefully all will be smooth sailing in getting this matter sorted


Hi @a.clare71 - I think you need to take some advice for this so that you can make a fully informed decision. There are several factors that could affect how much Housing Benefit is payable, eg. your income, any savings and the applicable Local Housing Allowance.
Please have a look at the Citizens Advice website, which holds a lot of information about benefits. This link should take you to the relevant section. Check how much Housing Benefit you can get - Citizens Advice
Hope this helps.