Unexplained Eyelid

Hello group,

Today I’m going to write about my troublesome eyelid that has been bothering me for two weeks. Well, on and off, actually, since my stroke a year ago. (Hemorrhagic, left side of brain, severe). Never has it been so pronounced and troublesome.

When I shut my eyes at night, my right eye starts to hurt, as if it’s being stabbed. It feels so unsettled, darts around (I try and keep it still), and takes a good hour or more when I open eye in the morning. It’s less of a problem if I have a nap after lunch. It’s still unsettled, but bearable. I’ve had it checked out at the eye hospital (they’re seeing me again in a week). The pressure of my eyes is borderline okay / high. I was diagnosed with blepharitis… except that I only get discomfort in the stroke-eye… the other one is settled and happy. Hence, I am sure blepharitis is not the problem. It feels like there’s a log in my eye ; something much stronger than what you’d have with blepharitis.

The closest I have come to a solution is eliminate the turmeric supplement, and things like ginger that cause heat, since there is another peculiarity; my eyelashes feel red hot. On occasion my appendix scar (I had it out when I was 10 years old, I’m now 59) also feels red hot. Talk of the unexplained.

If anyone has a clue as to what’s going on, I’d be interested in any theory; the Eye hospital have no idea. Various other experts are also stumped, but I know a lot of stroke warriors battle with various problems with eyes. I have no loss of peripheral vision. I did have a TIA in that eye 2 years ago, so there is some blurred vision in the lower half,

All theories and opinions welcome,
thx, Roland


No clue mate but anytime you want a chat then let me know!! K

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That sounds horrid Roland. I’ve no idea whats going on either but hope they find a solution for you soon. It’ll be interesting to see if stopping the supplements helps at all.


Yes thanks Kieran,

maybe tomorrow, if convenient. I had to suddenly finish my eyelid post, to teach a couple of students… but it’s freaking me out. A couple of years ago I had a mini-stroke in my right eye ( what I refer to as a TIA, though it may not have been a TIA ). Anyway, it has been suggested that the stroke-side of the body gets confused / mixed-up and tries to heal old injuries. Either that, or old injuries are triggered in some way… someone here posted about old broken bones hurting again after their stroke.
Anyway, the purpose of my post was to catch any cases of anything similar… I feel completely misunderstood particularly by the folks at the eye-hospital.

ciao, ciao, Roland


Thanks Ann.

I’ve stopped Turmeric supplement, now also Ginger shots that were giving me a good boost of energy. Pity, but will see. ps. the term “heat” is used in this context…

One of the tenets of Chinese medicine is to keep our bodies “neutral.” Foods that are warm and hot bring heat to our bodies - beef, coffee, ginger, hot chillies, and fried foods - while cold and cooling foods cool down our bodies - avocado, cucumber, green tea, pawpaw, mango.


course mate just message me

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Could it be a cluster headache? I have occasional SUNCT which has been posted about here.


Hi Rupert,

it could be SUNCT… though it always strikes about a minute or two after I shut my eyelid. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it were the same nerve that is somehow triggered

Thx for the heads up, ciao, Roland


Just received a development to my eyelid problem.

Just got back from the eye-hospital, where they measured my eye-pressure again… it was unchanged at 22… (other eye was lower this time @ 16 down from 20). Well unchanged means there’s no reason to suspect glaucoma.

However, they discovered my Meibomian glands were blocked, and likely to be causing the severe discomfort at night. I will take measures to check it’s not my eyelid wipes, causing a reaction or allergy. So, I’m going to change them to Blephademodex.

Blepharitis can lead to Meibomian gland blockages (which the eye hospital did not detect when they checked me 3 months ago). I will wear a heating mask over my eyes for 1, 2 or 3 times a day to try and unblock these glands. I hope someone can benefit from this infowhich is why I am reporting it.

Take care all, ciao, ciao, Roland


@pando good that you have an explanation for what’s happening. Hopefully your new regime will sort the problem & your eyelid will be at rest again.


Have they given you any eye drops for it?

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No, Emerald,

but with this lead there are many things I can do to improve it
I’m changing my eye wipes in case it’s an allergic reaction to the ones I’m having
I’m using heated eye-mask, to warm the gland try to open and squeeze them a bit
By tomorrow evening I’ll have another couple of strategies to help,

So it was a positive day, with a good physio session too,
and my pupil had practised all week
hooray, speak soon, ciao, Roland


excellent :wink: :polar_bear:

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