Unexpected Shock

I was already in hospital for an unrelated injury when I had my shock unexpected stroke. Blue lighted to another hospital that dealt with stroke victims and they did their magic on me..... I of course knew nothing of this at the time, until I don't know how long when the Dr informed me.

It's been a not very nice time since that day. Tiredness is a constant companion but sleep is impossible - if that makes sense. Speech was slurred but getting a little better. Memory is just awful at times and to top it all it's the mood swings & tiredness. Right arm has better movement but right leg is just deadweight but I do try and get from my recliner to the front door using my frame but, tiredness wins the battle most times - all times really. I've got different tablets for all kinds of things, but not one is the magic pill.....


I am very sorry to hear of your unexpected stroke.

I can only in my limited experience to date begin to understand the anguish this maust have and continued to cause.I at this point have more questions than answers

I understand your life has changed beyond all recognition - but does time improve any of the symptons?

I wish you all the best in these trying times


Best Regards



I am very sorry for you that sounds awful  we think we are on our own with our troubles. It does help being able to share our problems. I do hope you will soon get  a better Im sure you will. Try to stay positive and all the best to you N orma  

A bit late replying to you but I had problems relating to my stroke. Thanks for your nice comments, much appreciated. I'm moving on as much as physically possible at this time memory is still a problem as is my right leg or should I say tree stump.

thanks again for your nice message❤️


Apologies for the late reply but problems with dealing with recovery. Memory is still a problem along with my right leg which is like a tree stump no feelings. Speech is a bit better but I'll not be ,worrying Frank Sinatra just yet? walking was a bit better but now with this this right leg, that's all away.

At times I do get sick of people telling me to try harder and it will get easie, it doesn't!! I get out a little bit on my power chair but not far as my memory is pretty bad and I'm little bit worried I might forget way back??


thanks again for your kind words❤️


Hi, thanks for posting, you will always receive support, advice and understanding from the lovely people on this sight.  Their experiences  will help you to know that you're not alone, and no-one here will ever tell you to try harder - they know how hard it is to fight the fatigue.  They will definitely encourage you though, and celebrate your progress.  Give yourself time to rest, aloow your brain to heal and gradually things will improve.  Maybe you will soon gain the confidence to go out again, but the weather seems to be grotty everywhere today, so it's a stay indoors day!!

Take good care, let us know how you get on ?

Thanks for taking the time to reply

I wish you all the best in your recovery and wish you wellyes