Understanding Experiences of living with long-term urinary catheters

Are you an adult with a urinary catheter which has been in place for three months or longer? If you manage your catheter yourself and you live at home in the UK, we would like to speak to you!

We are a team of researchers from the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast who want to better understand catheter users’ experiences of living with long-term urinary catheters and dealing with any complications. We are also interested in your perspectives on potential improvements for catheter design.

The study will involve taking part in an interview with a researcher (Ahmad Rabi), face-to-face, by telephone or using an online platform such as Microsoft Teams or Skype. The interview will last approximately 45 minutes.

We need you to help us to better understand the issues experienced living with a long-term catheter. This will help us to develop ways to improve the use of urinary catheters and to inform future practice.

If you are interested please contact the researcher Ahmad Rabi via email ( Arabi01@qub.ac.uk), messenger or telephone (07522330460) for more information.