Unable to go out

Good evening to you all on my stroke guide as I have posted before on not being about unable to go out after a visit to my GP I have now been informed that I have Vascular Disease which accounts for my symptoms of fatigue and lack of mobility also my Raynaud’s Phenomenon, take care all of you Arthur.


Good luck, Arthur

Sorry to hear that,
We have to concentrate on the things we can do rather the things we cannot
We can still smile and say our prayers
I wish you still find happiness

warm wishes, Roland

One thing that I have found is that there are others that have similar issues and are unable to go out much. However these forums do provide opportunity to talk to others and share their ups and downs together. I get in to various chats on here - it’s all good to keep the brain active and at a pace I can handle.

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Hi Arthur @Arty123 sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Are they able to treat it at all? At least you have a diagnosis now & maybe you can start to find ways to do different things. Of course, i don’t know how badly you are affected.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann x