Ubiquinone / Ubiqiunol

I decided to start a new thread on Ubiquinone / Ubiquinol
Schweppes tonic water is high in Quinine, is this the same thing?

The supplement I take is
Ubiquinol 100mg | Nature's Best

For more on the importance of this CoEnzyme watch


@pando Hi Roland…not quite the same.
Quinine has been used worldwide to treat malaria; however, it is now used as an agent for night-time muscle cramping. The compound, derived from Cinchona tree bark, is found in antimalaria medication, supplements for leg cramping, and beverages such as tonic water and bitter lemon.
Fish oil helps with muscle soreness and stiffness.

I’ve watched these two Doctors online and they are good. I used to take CoQ10 and need to get back to it. Very good for the heart.


I see they are two completely different things, Derek,

I wonder if Quinine is safe? There are many side effects.
But, methinks, If the WHO have gone off it, it must be good !

Thanks for clearing that up,
ciao, Roland


I put together my list of supplements
in case it’s useful for anyone… I might still work at this list

• Acidophilus Extra 4 Nature’s Best (probiotic)
• B Complex Liquid Holland & Barrett (Immune system)
• Vit D3 +K2 Liquid Sachets Zooki (Sunshine Vitamin)
• Vitamin C Liposomal (fast absorption)
• Lutein (for eye)
• Ubiquinol (energy levels)
• Chromium Nature’s best (blood glucose levels)
• Turmeric (against inflammation & immune system)
• Zinc Liquid Organic Vimergy
• Magnesium Liquid Liposomal
• Vitamin B complex Holland & Barrett
• CBD Oil (neuropathy & peripheral nerves)
• Glutathione Liposomal Quicksilver Scientific
• Serotonin Bedtime Gummies Yumi (Convert Melatonin)