Typing for work after stroke

I used to be able to type fast working in a call centre but now I’m finding myself pressing the wrong key.

Anyone experience this and how did you move forward with it?


Practice, practice, practice, every single day. It’s just one of the reasons I’m on the stroke forum so much :smile: I use it for my mental rehabilitation, for the reading aspect of it, the typing, improving cognition, as well as helping the community. Helping others is helping me :blush:

Did you ever learn to touch type, typing without having to look at the keyboard?


Hi Gareth, using the keyboard attached to a pc, I was making a lot of mistakes.
It came from pressing the right key (eventually) but not pressing it down fully to be recognised.

I find typing on a laptop keyboard so much easier with the much smaller key travel.

Practice is the key, the body memory is in there somewhere. Depending on what you are typing, speech to text is decent these days.

Hope this helps.


Hi Gareth, I was an audio typist before my stroke 7 years ago which paralysed my left side, so I now type with one finger which, as you can imagine is very frustrating!!!.

As Emerald Eyes says Practice Practice Practice :smiley:. I’ve definitely got faster as time has gone by.

Keep on keeping on :+1:

Regards Sue


It really is practice practice practice but what about some software that you can talk to and it types for you. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking.


I will promote practice as well. I actually relearned to type even faster than ever before just by commenting here.

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Hi Gareth @garethc970
Do I surmise your back at work from your question? If so jolly well done if not I’m sure it will be soon :slight_smile:

There is some fancy name that I can’t remember for post stroke doing the wrong thing when you know what the right thing is

I have a very prominent tendency to send emails when what I mean to do is edit text or record a new section of text (I to use speech to text - gboard and Microsoft dictation system)
The same wrong key happens with the forum and Facebook but there I can edit so can overcome the challenge .

So while I agree with folks practise message i find it’s also (Perhaps more so) about establishing habits of checking before action that the action delivers the results you want. For example I have Gmail set to confirm before send something I couldn’t do in outlook on my phone, It also had the microphone and send button immediately next to each other which I constantly confused - so I deleted outlook.

I also have trouble with key travel. Deliberate actions and not attempting to touch type are the solution for me in this case and using more speech to text!



@SimonInEdinburgh im not back yet sadly as depression set in and I need that all sorted before I go back sadly


You’ve come a long long way, nearly there :slight_smile:
NJoy w/end


There is a free website- typingclub.com

It teaches touch typing with lots of repetition and is for all ages. I have been using it as part of my rehab, 30 minutes a day to get my fingers moving.

Best of luck.


Hi @Recentstroke thanks for this helpful website. I suspect we’re going to be best friends


Hi @Recentstroke and welcome to the forum, hope you are finding lots of useful advice here to help with your rehab and coping strategies for your stroke. There is a lot of useful help and advice on here that you can find by using the magnifying glass :mag: (top right corner) to run a search for.
Hope your recovery is going well and look forward to seeing you around the forum :smile:


@Recentstroke just popping by to say hi & welcome to the community. Hope your rehab is coming along well & you are seeing improvements all the time.

Best wishes



Thank you for sharing that. While I no longer need that, I can tell you, typing is one of the things that helped me tremendously in getting my hand to stretch further and more easily as well as helping me to think at the same time as doing something. That was almost impossible for me and is still hard, but I can do it while typing.

Hope I will see you here often and perhaps we can be of help to you as well.


Hi @Recentstroke Raul
Was good to see you this afternoon :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen the Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start

you might find it’s for some useful words within it



Hi Simon, nice to see you and thanks for the link. I Iook forward to joining some zoom exercise classes!

All the best,



Hi Gareth me too, I have found that my stroke left me with dyslexia and spelling so when I type the words are the wrong way round or mixed up. I use spell checker to correct them but I agree time consuming for something I used to do well.
FRom Lynne T


I’m ok for spelling just hitting the wrong keys and it’s slow as hell