Typing and texting

I had the four strokes ten months ago and still have trouble typing and texting. So many mistakes it takes ages to communicate. Spelling is still awful. Anybody else have this problem. Love judyx

Sadly, yes. Just been 2 years I still got this problem...the key is to slow down....I'm better at it nowadays 

Thank you. It is so frustrating to keep deleting mistakes. I get so cross with myself lol OK I will try to be slower. Love judyx

Can your phone do predictive text? Three letters can narrow down the choices and the word is spelt correctly! If you are a confident speaker, most phones, tablets, and computers have a ‘dictation’ setting. You have to add the punctuation like “comma” and “full stop”, but it’s a frustration saver as opposed to ‘hunt and peck’ or “small button’ typing problems.


Thank you Rick. I am very basic just a tablet and computer and very old simple phone lol. My typing is improving but texting gets me so frustrated. I will get there. I see you have a cat. I have always had wall to wall cats. Love judy

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Hi, yes i really struggle to understand anything my mother texts me, 7 months after stroke. She was ok for a while, but recently seems to have given up. She sends intelligible texts to anyone and everyone without taking any time to check if they're ok. Strange as she can read and spell fine. Her friends reply to say they dont understand and she just continues to text. I think for her she never presses the space bar, or looks up to check her texts, and defends herself by saying she can read them! She puts it down to having only one hand but 3 months after the stroke she wasn't too bad... now its worse.

Judy hopefully your phone will learn your new way of typing? I've heard that's a thing! If not, voicenotes are very popular these days too!

All the best.

Tell her she needs to slow down, Right down to snail pace. It's hard at first (I know) she'll get confused to start with just tell her she's got all the time in the world to say what's in her head.

My L-R coordination is sometimes not coordinated,plus I have a tendency to hit the wrong key if I type too quickly.
My solution is to slow down and to proof read and edit before sending.
Works for me !
Good luck-you will find a way 

do I??? grammarly is a help but doesn't help when I hit caps lock or the number keys :-{


Thank you for your reply. I am slowing getting better typing but texting is still hard work. Love judy

Thank you so much for your reply. My typing now 11months post stroke is slowly getting better. Texting is still hard work and spelling. I always read through. I was a secretary so am very frustrated?love judyx

Hello Tony. After 11months I am at last getting better with typing not texting though. I think it is that the keys are small and I rush too much. Love judy

I know the feeling. Judyx

Hello again Tony. I have found a way to help me to text better. I have bought a large button phone. Now I just have to get to know the new phone lol love judyx

My husband suffered a stroke to his left side of his brain seven months ago. He is Suffering with pain down his right arm and right side and cannot feel the heat from hot drinks or water.

Any one suffering these symtoms

Dera Suzanne

the left side of the brain controls the right side of our bodies. The stroke that got me was  on the right, so i have left sided weakness.

i continually reminded myself that my left arm (and left leg) were not damaged, it was just the messaging system that is faulty. I made all muscles move repeatedly and now i have most of me working ok.

I dont know about loss of feeling of hot things. That sounds dangerous.

best wishes


I also suffered a left sided stroke six months ago. The feelings like tingling and sentivity to hot and cold started soon after and this gradually started affecting my right arm/body and leg as well as my foot. Sometimes the sensation makes it feel like your hand arm or leg feel cold to you but if someone else touches them it feels normal. I also get a burning tingling numb sensation all the time which can be quite painful which when it gets too unbearable i take paracetamol and that helps a bit i do get tired as well because of this.

Because of covid my Hospital appointments are basically non exsistant which has not helped as i never really got to have phisio or any proper follow ups with my consultant to help me through it so a lot of what your husband is expieriencing is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is an article on my My Stroke Guide that will explain this in a section called "Pain after stroke" if that helps as that is what i have found very useful to myself 

All the best.

Know the feeling well i sometimes spell a word then look at it and think that's not right and end up asking siri how do you spell it. It makes you feel like you should go back to school all over again and it takes ages to type a text to anyone

I find myself re-reading what i have typed then make the corrections or change a sentance before i feel confident enough to send it so i am gradually learning to slow down which can be frustrating at times as you know what you want to say but its just coming out the same as it used to.

I find that predictive text is very bad at predicting what I am planning to type, and in this household is usually known as 'auto-corrupt'!


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Hi Judy! It may be worth you contacting AbilityNet they help with technology issues. It may be that a speech to text app may help you out. I know many people who have had the same issue but was resolved with a little help from some experts.. AbilityNet can be contacted on 0800 048 7642.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes,