Type 1diabetic 43 years old bleed on brain

Hi ,  i had a stroke in December 2020.  It was a bleed on the brain.  I am 43 and my diabetes well managed. Myblood pressure is very good,also my weight and cholestrol levels  are good too.


I am really worried about  havibnganother  stroke,  does anyone have any positive information  that  will reduce my worries.   Anyone who has had a similar experience,?




Dear Dave

The first month is critical, once you get past that month then you are far less likely to stroke than most of the population.

you are no doubt on various medications to further protect you. You will no doubt be warned about diet and lifestyle.

our brains do not like strokes. Often the brain will invoke the natural "flight or fight" instinct to frighten you away from strokes. Then you become frightened of another stroke.

Many of us got that fear. Few of us actually have another stroke.

To aid your recovery, you need to be positive and to think about what you can do, not what you can not. This will also rapidly remove the irrational fear of another stroke.

best wishes


I had a stroke, bleed, in 2015. They don't know what caused it and told me there's no reason it may happen again. Which is what I wanted to know. My stroke came without warning and no previous issues. My blood pressure is good and I'm not on any medication. I don't worry about another. Probably, i think, because I don't work so don't have the pressures and stress that I had pre stroke. I was 51 when I had my stroke.

Thank you Pam,  you pos6 has helped re assure me,  are toutype1 diabetic or no diabetes?



Thank you again you have helped reduce my worry.

Thank you Colin for your positive message.  It is good advice i will make sure i focus on getting on with life.

Thank you again,  Thjis has  given me reallly good motivation today to stay positive.





I found it easy enough to stay positive.
We also need to allow our brains to rest, thats the bit i found harder.

we all share many common elements, yet no two strokes are the same.

i feel so very sorry for you guys who had a stroke during the pandemic. That really is an awful added problem. The only positive i can grasp is that you are out of action whilst due to stroke and also due to pandemic.


Hello Dave,

I had a cerebellar stroke September 2020, I am 43. My weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure, apparently fine. I did not have a brain bleed but a clot. Anxiety about a secondary stroke is natural for most of us, but as time moves forward that anxiety, at least for me starts to wane. That's not to say, that six months on, I still have my moments but at least I know what to do if I notice any acute changes. It has put me on guard somewhat. They did not pinpoint a cause for my stroke, I am currently on a personal mission to get to the bottom of it. In a case of no apparent cause, they treat the symptoms only. 

What has worked for me is focussing on getting well and taking one day at a time. Listen to your body and mind, trust your intuition. I have found that I recognise degrees and patterns in my recovery and when I go through a disconcerting patch, I remind myself that I've experienced the same thing prior and got through it. If I am lying in bed feeling out of sorts, I think back to another time when I was feeling worse, and it did clear. Distractions are good, focus on exactly what you have to do at the very moment and not think too far in advance, for me, talking my way through practical things aloud helps put the fears at bay. 

Hope some of that helps.


Thank you Rups,  that does help thank you.  I really appreaciate the advice

Hi rups ,spoke before . I too had cerebellar stroke 1.5 years ago aged 61 . Interested how you might be improving, fatigue, mobility etc . Said before I belive this is almost the nerve centre of brain & near spine .

I too chased for poss reason for this ,various tests led to poss hole in heart ? Further tests suggested this might have been it ! But they suggested not major enough to take further & to just accept it ? NOT always the answer hoped for. Good talking David. 

Hello David,

Slow. Mobility wise, I'm struggling with leg steadiness, proprioception and I am still shuffling around a bit. It does subside at times and it feels great, but I find it difficult to cope when all the symptoms happen at once, especially with brain fog. If I didn't have proproceptive issues and brain fog, I'd be able to handle my other symptoms with more confidence. The brain fog is the major cause of my fatigue, shushing in my head (like a mild tinnitus but with a fuzzy sound), tight brain like it's being squeezed, confusion (unable to focus on anything intellectual), and that when my visual issues kick in when moving. 


No diabetes, high blood pressure. cholesterol. Nothing.

Thanks Pam,  you gave given me hope thanl you.  I am very similar, i was low cholestrol,  good blood pressure,  good weight and diabetes well managed.


Sending you lots of thanks and happy thoughts , 

Hi Rups , what is  proprioception ? , do you have to rest during day .Thanks David. 

Hi David, I think it's to do with balance, and knowing where you are in relation to other things, but I'm sure someone will tell you the correct definition!!  

Hello David, 

It's a word I learned from another cerebellar stroke survivor, it is a good way to describe more precisely the issue we have with stimuli and the position and movement of our bodies. I use it now because I had trouble describing to people how I felt. I have a rest at about 4 pm, but I don't sleep, or rather, can't sleep! 


Aaw. Thank you. Same to you. Keep working at it. I do.

Thanks Rup , always interested in learning new info .Thanks David. 

Hi David,

I had a brain bleed on 6th January 2021, and worry about having another stroke too.  One of the other members informed me, brain bleeds are not common to members of this group, he mentioned most have clots which cause their stroke.  I would also be interested in hearing from others with positive information relating to brain bleeds.  
I hope you are recovering well David.

Best regards

Hi Brenda, 

I feel very lucky,  my recovery is goinhg very well.  Physically i can do pretyy much everything before  the stroke,  i was even out riding my bike this weekend.  

I am still woeking through the anxiety.



Hope you are recovering welll ,  sending you lots of supportive thoughts.

Hello David,

Yes, I too find digging deeper and discovering new info helpful. I don't know whether I can put a link in here, https://www.physio-pedia.com/Proprioception - oh, I can. Not sure if I am allowed to or not but I just have, so apologies in advance if links are not allowed. If it gets removed you could always go to Physio-Pedia and search for it. One of the factors for proprioceptive impairment they list is: "Injuries or medical conditions that affect the neuromuscular system (muscles, nerves, and the cerebellum, CNS) which can cause long-term or permanent proprioception impairment." - which relates to us. 

I had a lot of trouble explaining to people what my visual awareness issues were, people would just say to me, "Are you still dizzy?" - or - "Do you still have double-vision?" - Well, although the symptoms were a bit like double-vision and dizziness, that isn't quite right with me. I have something far more complex disrupting my equilibrium and proprioception is what it is.