Two weeks post stroke

hey I’m 36 and two weeks post hemorodic stroke. And starting to stress am I gonna have another one  soon I’m pushing  my body to the limits every day with physio to get better but have Hurd u can have 2nd stroke 30 days after 

Hi,  I do not know about the likelihood of another stroke.  However, I agree with you that I will do whatever it takes to build myself back up.  As far as I can see there is no alternative.  Keep the faith and keep pushing.

Hi - sorry to hear about your stroke ☹️.  I know you want to get better asap, but your brain needs time and rest in order to repair and re-route itself.  It is very common for people to worry about a second stroke, every SS is afraid of this.  It's good that you're meeting this challenge and fighting back, but remember to give yourself time to rest, your brain can't heal if it never gets a chance.  Spend a few minutes, Google "Letter from your Brain" and bear the sentiments in mind as you are still very early days in your recovery.  Look after yourself now, it will pay dividends in the long term.  Very best wishes, xx