Two strokes

Hi everyone I have been reading your posts as I am new to the group . I had a cerebellum stroke on 29th sept which I had a ct scan and nothing showed up and I was sent home for a middle ear infection with dizziness , and double vision . I was at home 9 days and the double vision got better and I was waiting again then it happened again . I was again rushed to A&E for a ct scan and mra scan this time the scans showed up my first stroke of the cerebellum and a second stroke on my brain stem . My face dropped my arm didn't belong to me basically I was numb on my left side . My balance had gone my taste has gone I had dizziness and my double vision was back . I was in Worcester hospital for 10 days then transferred to rehab for another 12 days I'm now back home , I've had rehab from nurses and ot nurses and today I scored 56 out of 56 for my exercises and have now been discharged after 9 weeks from my first stroke . It's very early days and I still have double vision but got a temp prism lens to see single , still very bad dizziness , half my taste is back and still very fatigued but I have come on so much there is hope for everyone . Back to hospital in January for eyes and dizziness so fingers crossed it keeps getting better .

Well d’y, Gerrard, welcome to the community. Everyone here is very helpful and encouraging. Take care, Veronica 

It's early days Gerrard, don't get too despondent, give yourself plenty of rest and don't overdo it.  There are some wonderful people on this sight who will give you support and advice - take it on board it will really help you.  Take good care ?