Two stroke (not oil either ?)

Hello. New here and right in with a tough it possible for a stroke to hit the same place in the brain twice? E.g had a stroke long time ago and another one recently but there is only one damaged area in the brain (thankfully). 

All feedback greatfully received



I'm no doctor, but I believe a stroke is where blood doesn't get to a part of the brain (eg due to a clot or a bleed or something), which dies through lack of oxygen.

If that's right, I'd have thought the same part of the brain could be deprived of oxygen twice. For example, if a clot loosens after the stroke has taken full effect, only for a clot to form in the same place later on (maybe even years later).

But this is just what seems likely to me, you'd need an opinion from a medical professional - both for whether that is possible and for whether that is what has happened in a particular case.

I'm not sure if that helps! 

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Hi - it might be worth asking your Consultant or GP to put your mind at rest. My stroke was a blood clot and in hospital they explained that the part of my brain that was affected was now dead and my brain neurons would now start searching for a new area of the brain to 're-wire' and replace the damaged area as best it could. If the brain does indeed 'die' in that area, I'm not sure if it could be affected twice as there is nothing really there for it to affect if you see what I mean!  As you say though, thankfully no further damaged area to your brain. 

Of course, ir could just be that it's right next to the damaged area, so it looks like there's little change


Hi, I'm a newcomer too, with the same experience. The doctor who told me about the scan said, "This is chronic", but he was called away.

When the nurse came back, I asked her (slowly because it was the tongue muscles which were affected!).  She explained that chronic means there had been an earlier bleed which had healed up. This left a weak spot which bled again. 

But the nurse then said, "I can tell from your face that this is a total surprise!" It was, because I had no apparent symptoms, certainly not the symptoms I had with the dysarthria.

It's still a mystery because the nurse said they can't tell how long ago a bleed took place. 

The speech therapist has been fantastic with exercises so I can speak clearly.

Maybe the consultant will have more news about the mystery first event. All I can think is that it produced symptoms which I thought came from a new blood pressure/diuretic regime but was really a stroke, maybe when I was asleep...

Even Miss Marple would be baffled!

Hope you're recovering well. All good wishes!