Twitching hand

Hi I've recently suffered from my stroke. Been having pshyio lately and noticed my constantly twicting? Anyone else suffered or suffering from this? Need some answers! Haha

Involuntary movement is quite common after stroke. As the brain makes new pathways it appears to test out what the pathways do. Just after my stroke, my leg would often lift in bed of its own accord. That stopped in time. However, my weak arm will still twitch wildly, especially when I am tired. Tai Chi has helped stabilise my weak arm and hand enormously, but my left hand still lacks sensitivity.

After my stroke, I found that whenever I yawned, the affected hand would clench tightly into a fist..... which I couldnt do no matter how much I willed it. It would then take a minute or two to unclench, but I really had no control over it.

This lasted for quite a while, even after I had some semblance of normality of movement returning. All very strange!


I find that also, and it'll just lift up also and become tense when I yawn 

Thanks for the reply my pshyios have said they have never seen it before. 

Do you find holistic therapy helps with recovery? I've been thinking about yoga and Thai chi also

Yes, I do. I cannot do yoga, because I cannot get down on the floor any more and still have a few issues with balance. All my exercise classes end with some seated Tai Chi and, for whatever reason, it has improved my weak hand and arm no end.

Believe it or not, I took it as a positive sign that regaining control of movement was going to be possible...... which after months of hard graft doing every exercise the physios set, was and is. Maybe not 100%, even after two and a half years, but......

Might give it a try wanting to improve my balance I'm looking to try anything to be fair ha

Seated yoga is an option. I personally think that all these therapies are worthwhile and very helpful. 

Hi, I had my stroke in May and thought all was okay until recently when I too got a jerking in my left arm. Tried to convince myself that all was okay until I dropped a cup of tea over my laptop.The jerking has got worse and progressed to my left leg and right arm. I have had epilepsy since age 18 and have been advised that it is a type of epilepsy but I am not convinced! Am seeking a second opinion but any thoughts please?

I had leg spasms at night for several months after my stroke--so I couldn't sleep.  The only lthing that helped was CBD oil.  --about 20-40 mg. under my tongue when they hit.  At first it was almost every night, then 2 or 3 times a week, then 1 time a week, then every 2 weeks, etc. Now after 2 years  I almost never have them.  Best of luck, Jeanne

During my recovery, and for some months after, I had leg spasms on my weak left side every night. I put it down to the brain creating new pathways. I found it quite interesting. I slept well by putting my good leg over my weak leg. Over time they stopped.

Also interesting was the fact that my weak arm could get quite jerky if I was tired. That jerkiness stayed, but after my second mild stroke this May the jerkiness stopped. The brain is amazing.

Hi, I do a weekly  seated yoga session at the local support group, where those who can get onto the floor do and those who can't do the seated version. Although that hasn't been  possible  since March. I'm  quite  looking forward to  getting  back into it when the group reopens. I also do a tai chi session  once a month at the same group, although  I have to say, I prefer  the seated yoga. 

Not sure how much it has helped with my recovery but it's  great to  give everything  a good stretch once a week, combined  with the social  aspect.  I would strongly recommend  it.

Regards Sue 

I love seated has improved my mobility fast and easily. I do get on the floor or stand, but others on the course did not. One thing i cant yet do is to ground successfully, my centre is just miles off. 
i dont know when or if the course can restart. I might need to have one to one. Whatever.