TV last night carers

I watched, wondering if a stroke survivor would be represented. I could not identify one iota with Mary (Mum). Thank goodness I had none of the problems shown by Mary. What I did have was a feeling of great unwellness and that would have prevented me from doing the things that Mary did. It mixed in dementia. And a very unlikely action by hospital staff, filling in an assessment dishonestly. Maybe it showed some of the extremes that Carers go through and how hopelessly underfunded stoke are is within the NHS. 

It is a shame that so little is ever displayed of what a stroke survivor really goes through. But then there is only (?) a million or so of us in the UK.


I didn't feel brave enough to watch it. 

I can understand that. As time has ticked by then my emotions have improved and I can face the actual stroking head on. I was asleep so I missed that drama.


Often the best way to watch some programmes on record and play back at your leisure.