Turning your head when walking

I had a stroke three years ago. It was quite minor in that it affected my handwritng which I got back but left me with mild gait ataxia which for me means I can't walk in a straight line. I also find a can't turn my head when walking or turn round.  Has anyone else had that problem? My stroke was in my cerebellum which affects balance among other things.

Cerebellum stroke 1.25 years ago ,aged 61 . I read stroke here is best compared to old fashioned telephone exchange. Most of the nerves meet here ,above spine  . Stroke here is then compared to the telephone wires being pulled out of their sockets ! ie lots of poss damage in confined space . Yes suffer with balance problems, also struggle to turn my neck , must turn body to look at them when talking ,to follow conversation.  Also extreme fatigue ,bed every day for 2/3 hours. I do get disheartened,  feel not really improved. All the best David. 

Dear David I have difficulty turning round to face people. I have to slowly turn my whole body round. I am better indoors. I wonder if I might improve if I didn't get help from my husband. With this social distancing due to the corona virus I am accepting his help. He holds my hand. 

Turning around ,looking up or down , (socks ,shoelaces ) problem . Also I will jump with extreme shock , if someone behind me says something , my wife understands this & is careful. I don't know if neck muscles been affected ? But yes , have to be careful turning around, due to balance .Thanks David.