Tube in nose spray water in mouth

Thanks for letting me post
I need a tube that goes in my nose that is attached to a mouth plate that sprays water in my mouth every 30 minutes when i am awake and asleep
I am always waking up with a very dry mouth

No one where i live will help me make this

My stroke made me lose use of my hands

I cant drink water without this

Please help me have this made

Hi @Jamesmatheson

Welcome to the forum although I am sorry you had cause to join us .

Your situation sounds very distressing. I assume if you have no use of your hands you have intensive care from helpers? And they must in turn have managers who are versed in where to get support?

Have you already exhausted avenues through them, your GP, the local social services of your council? It’s not clear from your post what you need but if the diagnosis of a water spray has already been made then presumeably the medical team that made that determination knows how to fulfil it?

Perhaps with a little more detail it may trigger something that somebody here can make a more useful suggestion about

fingers crossed


Hi and welcome to this forum. Sorry to hear of your stroke, sounds like things are really tough going at the moment. Could it be your medication that’s causing you to have such a rry mouth ? Hopefully one of the contributors on the forum will be more helpful.

Hopefully you will find a solution soon.

Regards Sue

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I go to a homeless shelter to get help
Without them i have a very hard time drinking water

I feel like its a conspiracy

3d printer people will do it but the plastic isnt safe

I dont know what to do

I hope to get a group who wants this made

I have 3d people who will make it but 3d plastic isnt safe

I have to eat at a homeless shelter so someone feeds me

When i go back home its very difficult to drink water and eating food is not possible

I feel like its a conspiracy

It doesnt make sense they would stop me from being able to drink water

Hi @Jamesmatheson welcome to the group. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I’m not sure people on this group can actually help you make the device you mention. You need to speak to medical professionals about getting the help you need to solve this problem.

Would a straw in a glass of water not help? Someone could put some water out for you maybe?

If you are not able to look after yourself you should be entitled to care. I would suggest looking into this through your GP or medical team.

Hope you find a solution soon.

Theres no gp where i live
Its every man for himself

You sound as though you’re in a dire situation.

You obviously have access to the internet to post here so you have a means to find citizens advice and to communicate with social services and stroke association

How do you operate something to give you internet access without your hands?

I suggest that adults social services have a statutory obligation to offer you support, and that the citizens advice bureau will help you get that and the stroke association may be able to help with some of it

I need stroke support and information | Stroke Association).

I am not familiar with the help offered to homeless folk that’s why I suggest contacting the above…
Good luck

I use voice ro text and voice commands on my cellphone to send messages

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