Trying to "navigate" the work/not work thing

hi, really finding this so difficult please, can anyone post a mssge to me,, i really dont understand this arena particularly, very hard to gauge,,,,, thanks for reading 

Dear S00001

i do not understand how this arena works. And I use the site lots. How do I find a private message function. What is the relevance of "friends'. I don't get any of it.

one small tip is to press the sub headings that appear in blue. So I pressed the blue entry "trying to navigate the work/not work thing".

but to be honest it doesn't help much. I think you have to be under 12 to write on here.

someone might one day wake up to the fact we are brain damaged so we need a simpler forum.

the previous version was much much easier for me to follow.

best wishes


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Dear Jane
I am a stroke survivor. You are a stroke survivor. Our brains no longer operate as we were used to.
This wretched stroke association site is impossible for me to use. I have no idea if this will reach you. Or anyone else.
I am very upset to think that recent SS are no longer connected to me.
No doubt a bunch of twelve year olds are delighted they have reworked the site and neatly excluded older people.
I wish you well.

Hello Colin, I’ve just seen your post on the “new”site so you are on. Don’t give up yet, it does get easier to use . John Jeff is on the site and I know he’ll be pleased you’re onboard.
Hope you are well and Sooty is keeping you company.
I’ve over done things today so I’m feeling a bit down and muddled -good old stroke fatigue. There are lots people you’ll know on the site who’ll help with any issues you may have but it does get easier the more you look into it.
Best wishes Colin, we need you on here your advice has helped so many.


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Hi Jane, I understand exactly how you feel. This is my first attempt at joining the group discussion and I feel like not using the forum.

Don’t want to leave as I have found it so useful and informative since my stroke in February 2017.

Why did they make it so difficult to navigate ???
Regards Sue

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The thing that is boggling me at the moment is that when I look at your post Colin, it says September but I assume this is a recent post as we now in November.

Addendum: oh I get it now, the post by S00001 was made in September before the new site was up. S00001 was writing about the old site. Personally, I think new posts should be bolded and older posts not. I’ve seen quite a few older posts from last year being responded to as if they were new.

But yet, the plot thickens. When I click on S00001‘s icon, it states ‘posted October’ which is after September. I am a bit bemused by this. There must be something buggy about the date stamps.

Anyway, hope you are well Colin. Change is always challenging but we’ll get there, at the webinar, they said they are still listening to suggestions on improvement and it is still a work in progress, so we need all our voices to be heard.

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Dear Rups

I have no idea how this site works.
I am a stroke survivor.
My brain no longer accommodates changes in tech related items.
I was a contributor when the forum site was revamped a couple of years ago. The changes had little benefit but plenty of downsides. Now the same is happening again.
There is something very very disturbing when a facility is summarily removed.

I am a stroke survivor, my faculties are heavily reduced bringing frustration an despondency.

Dear Anne

Well done for making an entry on this forum…
I too am dyslexic, and it just rubs salt in to the wound.

The site is based on gmail, which I have never used.
I don’t grasp how a site is piggy backing gmail. I have had a stroke and my brain is damaged.
I pity newcomers, being stroke survivors, who have not a Hope of learning how to use the forum.
When I first joined it was on an easy to follow site that was replaced by the one just finished.
Only another SS understands, perhaps we should do our own forum.

I also have major troubles joining in conversations. Just wanted to see if this topic was still alive in December

Still struggling to find my way around, have found out how to alter my Avatar and that is a good start. Thanks for reply

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