I went out to lunch with a local stoke club today for the first time. Never been out before but thought cos stroke club would be ok. They were nice people and nice meal. I seemed the most stroke affected person there. No problem. I was leaving but cos on walker and there were two steep steps down the host assisted me down. Basically he didnt have a clue how to assist someone who had had a stoke, was’nt strong enough and dropped me. I trusted him. He fell too. But all i though falling was my pelvis will break again or damage to inplant in my back after breaking it earlier in the year. He tried his best to support me to the floor, thank god i only have a brooze on my hip.

I burst into tears. Scared of memories of previous breaks. Pub staff came running as well as a couple of the members.

This was my first time out and trusted someone to assist me who i thought would if had training.

Thats me not doing that again!!

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@a.clare71 what a shame, it seems mad that the location wasn’t checked out first to ensure everything was mega accessible. I hope you don’t feel too bad now that you’re home.

Try not to let it stop you trying again when you’re ready.

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@a.clare71 so sorry your experience didn’t go as well as hoped. Try not to let it knock your confidence. You did amazingly well to get there & it sounds like the rest of it went well but just ended badly. When you’ve recovered maybe have another go. Might be worth checking that there’s an accessible access when you try again.
Hope you’re OK. Sending hugs :hugs::hugs: xxx


Evening @a.clare71. I can completely see how this has knocked your confidence but please rise above it and think of the positives you have achieved. Just deciding to go and turning up are huge. Well done to you. Going forwards, based on this experience just be more vocal and tell people what you need. It’s hard work but do your homework and ask questions about meeting places before you go. Trust only the people you know and yourself. Don’t let this stop you, it just takes more planning. With time this will hopefully get less but keep trying. Wishing you all the best and that the bruises are bearable, Julia x


Hi, thank you all for your lovely messages.

I spent Sunday in my room, I think a little shock and trying to get over it.

I will try to do something in a couple of weeks, Still a bit sore

So glad you’re going to try again. Hope your not too bruised.


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