Trouble Loging In


Does anyone  else have problems when you log in to the guide. Every time I  try and log in I have problems.  It never recognises my password,  so  I go through requesting  a new one, , I create a new one and  save it but then when I next go on to log in it all starts again. I have been  using  the Guide since my stroke in February  2017 but this is  driving  me insane.  Any ideas ? ?

Regards Sue 


Any ideas ?

Hi, it happens to me too!  I thought it was just me being stupid and forgetting the password, xx

Give the stroke association a ring they might be able to sort it out good luck xx

 I did think of that but I'm not very technically  minded  and I'd be  worried  they would get a bit tricky ? 

Regards Sue 

Me too. I was convinced  I was doing something  wrong, it's  so annoying. 

Regards Sue 


If you explain that you are not technology minded they should give you step by step guidance all the best you have nothing to loose and you will learn  like a lot of us on this site  good luck take care x

Hi Sue,

I hade to same problem and clicked on the show password on the log on screen. It showed that it had transcibed a "0" instead of a "9". Not sure if that helps but it shows one way to solve the problem quickly


Make sure when you type your password it that you capitalize any letters that you set as capitals when you created your password. Also make sure you don't put a space at the end of your password when you enter it. Some systems read a space as a letter and get upset when entered/missed in error. Generally problems wirh passwords, I find, are down to user error. I also find that tablets are problematic too so if possible use a laptop to at least test out logging in as you're more likely to be successful.

Thanks for your words of wisdom everyone. I have been  using this forum  since my stroke  in 2017 without  any problems until about 6 months  ago !!!  I will take all of your  tips on board.

Regards Sue 

Happened to me too everytime I changed my password and that seems to have helped.good luck.

Will do, thanks

Regards Sue 

I am having real problems with this new site. I have been able to register a new password. I had to get approved before I could come on the forumI am tempted to give up!

I struggled. Got my husband to do it so cheated