Trip to Oz

Hi All,
I suffered a TIA stroke at the end of May. Myself & my hubby are both retired, so our time is our own. Hubby keeps talking about another return trip out Oz. I don’t feel that i want to make such a long trip this year. I would rather start with a short flight holiday when I feel ready. 3 weeks after the stroke I did go on a coach tour around Scotland. Took my time & rested when I needed to. It would be nice to have your thoughts. Thanks

I don’t fancy travelling as far as Australia myself that’s for sure. What does your hubby want to do out there? If it’s to visit family I can see the attraction but, if that is the case, is there any reason why they can’t come to you? I agree I would start out with a short haul trip to begin with.

@Woodside I’ve done a short haul trip & all went ok. I’m not sure how I’d feel about all the way to Oz though. Does it have to be this year? Could it be put back to next year ? If it was me I’d seek some medical advice before I even thought about booking anything.

Since my stroke I am very reluctant to leave the UK. I can manage coach holidays here in the knowledge that I can get treatment if need be. I can also pace my day. I won’t go to Europe and couldn’t contemplate further.

Hi @Woodside - I had a stroke four years ago (just before we were due to go to South Africa, which had to be cancelled). Since then I’ve only flown within Europe, although that was partially due to the pandemic.

This year we’d planned Australia for my partner (his daughters and grandchildren are there) and South Africa for both of us (should have been there now). However, my partner had a TIA in April and has subsequently had a carotid endarterectomy.

Both trips have had to be cancelled. Even without the surgery, the Australia trip would have been cancelled as my partner simply hasn’t felt up to travelling long haul. The journey is gruelling enough when you’re in good health and he just couldn’t face it.

We’re all different of course but maybe it would be better to put it back for a few months?

Best wishes