I’ve read about spasticity triggers which are many. Even an ingrown toenail can spark an attack. Being too hot or cold, constipation, or an infection. Well I learned the hard way how true: A couple of days ago I developed a toothache that turned into an abscess. My whole right side became rigid as if I was cast in plaster; I could move but with way too much effort. my body was certainly reacting to that tooth. I’m going to the dentist today. I hope I can get into the chair…lol.

p.s. No matter where I type in “Spasticity” I get a spell check. Doesn’t the world know about this word?


Oh no, I hope it will improve again once you get your tooth sorted…good luck in the dentist chair :wink:

The above spelling is fine for me, could it to do with your language setting?
Naturally mine in set to English UK, what does your device default to. You can always save it to your dictionary and you’ll never have trouble again :grinning:

@Outlander ouch. Hope you get your tooth sorted soon & in turn your spasticity eases.

You should be able to add words to your devices dictionary but don’t ask me how :grin::grin:

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@Outlander hope it rights itself soon for you, and the dentist isn’t too painful

Thank you my friends. I’m on a heavy antibiotic, face still swelled up. Will need to get the tooth pulled after the infection leaves. My spasticity hates it and shows no sign of loosening up.


On my stroke side, all my nerves seem connected
I can feel the connection
Loosen my mind, and all my muscles (stroke-side) loosen too
Good luck with you tooth. Ciao, Roland

Loshi and Roland, Thanks.
Roland: I wish my mind worked that way.

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