My balance and triedness seems to be a little bit worse.  Will it every end any advise would be helpful I am near the end of my holiday and I feel very weak I have not done much is there anything I can do take vitamin supplement or will it just go in time thanks desx off to get am ice cream with the gang first time off this site lol

Hello Des, hope you enjoyed your ice cream. I like rum and raisin but it's a little out of vogue now, and hard to come by. Everyone's recovery is unique. I am nine months and still feel debilitating fatigue and weakness. 

Thanks good to know it's not just me lol

Same here, almost 4 months in and by 2pm I’m pretty much finished. Gone from being extremely fit and active to walking around 1/2 mile and it feels like Iv run several marathons.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday it’s all about being with family to make USB’s smile 

Many thanks yes it was good to get away leaving in the mornings ☺️ but the triedness makes doing things hard work. As for work in 8weeks time who knows I am going to ask GP for a blood test to determine if it's the stroke or something else as well hope all is well des

Glad you enjoyed yourself, yeah best to get checked out before going to work, I’m not sure when or if I can return 

I know the feeling if my triedness carrys on then who know 

Hi Des_ I'm about 3 years after the stroke.  Sorry to say I am still feeling the tiredness and fatigue.  I do my half hour walk every morning.  But I'm pretty tired the rest of the day.  Fatigue is so common -it affects even people who have had TIA's or mini-strokes.  The severity of the stroke doesn't seem to matter.  I read that it helps to have plenty of carbs for energy and eat fruits and vegetables 5 times a day.  I've noticed when I feel particularly weak that I feel better if I eat something.  (For me it's usually yogurt and apple)  I seem to nibble several times a day and I also seem to need to be drinking more water all day. (My blood sugar is normal).  I also think part of the fatigue is wanting to do things as I used to.  My brain and body are already tired, working to make me walk and talk, etc. - things that didn't take extra energy pre-stroke now consume tremendous energy.  So, everything else just seems like too much.  I believe that as my brain/body become more efficient, the fatigue will lessen.  A friend of mine had a stroke and told me she didn't begin to feel like herself for four years.  But, like stroke itself, everyone is different.  My balance is worse after my walk, probably because I'm tired.  So, if your balance seems worse, maybe your brain or body are just tired.  It doesn't mean you're backsliding.  Eat really healthy, drink lots of water, rest often, be patient and kind to yourself. heart  Have faith. You will feel better with time.  I'll remember you in my prayers tonight.smileyLove, Jeanne

Jeanne, I would agree with your friend. I am just over five years list big stroke and one year since small second stroke. In the first year, I was tired all the time. It eased after year three, but I still nap an hour every day. I can do about three or four things in a day, but any lengthy task is exhausting.

I now eat a diet of one day fish, one day vegetarian and one day meat (but almost no red meat). I go to three one hour exercise classes a week for seniors, where we are encourage to work to our own ability. This has helped improve my strength and stamina. However, I am diabetic and big drops in sugar sap me of energy.

We have to keep trying despite the enormous obstacles.

Hi All, I am coming up to two years post stroke.  The fatigue has been my biggest battle, both physically and emotionally.  I find it difficult to explain to people how I feel as it sounds ridiculous and everyone says, 'you look so well, like you never had a stroke'.  I know they mean well, but I know I have had a stroke and I am not the person I was pre stroke.

I am learning to live with stroke and fatigue.  Excepting it all helps to manage the "New me".  Each day is different, I can never find a pattern to it.  I have started a phase return to work which is amazing!  

We are not alone with the fatigue!

Many thanks ? yes it's seems odd to methatbe it mild like mine or  a stronger stroke well feel tried prayers to you as well ☺️  all the best God bless you  des x


2 years on also , no improvement. Is your fatigue improved ?   /  I do NOT have that problem.  ? . However,  what people see is not what is worst,  ie inside my head & extreme fatigue. Good talking David. 

Even, hope your well? Amazing to see your on a phrase return to work ?.

im coming up to 4 months and fatigue is a killer and it does frustrate me when people say you look fine, or excise more sonyour not so tired, as you said hard to explain as it’s not like regular tiredness or acheyness 

Thanks  John-It helps to hear your experience-  Exercise does seem to help everything.  Even though my walk tires me, I still feel better than on days that I don't exercise. Do you keep "healthy snacks" at hand to preveny sugar drops?  I have to eat often , even though I'm not diabetic.  I really believe in eating "close to the farm"-- lots of fresh veggies.  I believe they are packed with a lot of "life force"- which I need more of!   Sounds like you're doing everything right-only good can come of it.  You're right, we have to keep trying no matter what.smiley

Thank you for your prayers, Des. It always feels good to know that someone has prayed for you. I know the prayers of others have helped my healing. Love, Jeanne 

Yes, I keep glucose tablets to hand. We are also blessed because we have a farm shop close by. They grow the veg they sell as well as other British produce. Would be lost without my exercise classes. Very wobbly when I started. Cant always do arm and leg movements together. Too much for my brain.

I have asways been on the go and doing things., the first to get to work and the last to leave if something need building I am always there! reliable to the last.

Not any more, my get up and go has got up and left. Every day i feel like I have done a complete body workout, I cant solve problems or read and follow instructions anymore! this is not me I just cant cope with this fatigue, people say "whilst youre not working there is no harm in having a power nap or snooze in the afternoon or when needed" it is for me as i wont sleep at bed time. My brain is my biggest enemy it doent understand that it cant go back to be how I used to neither can my friends and family. good old neil can sort it out for you! NO  I cant im always knackered and worst of all emotional!all the bad stuff i have seen and been throough keeps coming back to haunt me and now its also magnified and now i have to relive it by telling my wife  so she at least understands (but only half of it) 20 years of strokes and the hardest part has been the last 2-3 months

the only way to explain it is how somebody feels after a complete body work out! heavyish arm and legs and a brain thats not far behind!

Morning I get what your saying I was always on the go rushing around at 100 miles an hour ,and if anyone needed something I was there through all-sorts of problems,but didn't think anything of it ,but family and friends don't seem to listen all they see is you as a person and because there's nothing visical to see they think I can still do it ,but I can't ,I'm also so emotional don't take me much to get upset ,and this stroke has bought to the surface all the stuff I had tucked away ,so like yourself I'm having to deal with it ,I'm having help from my phycologist,but think it's going to take lots of help and time ,aswell as suffering from OCD and anxiety I'm also being told I'm suffering from PTSD,which is hard to deal with...I wake up tired get a bursts of energy during the day but then knackered again ....I'm 15 weeks since my stroke and still not back at work but I have to return in September as that's when my full pay will's worrying but I'm going to try and get there but with all what's locked in my brain and now having to come out I'm not so sure ..pippy 

I know the feeling I have had OCD for about 30 years with meds and the teaching techniques I have learnt only people vary close to me know because from the outside it's hard to tell but in my mind all sorts of stuff keep going around and around. Have you ask for ESP you can work up too 16 hours and earn £125a week and still claim you have a family of partner who could help all the best des x