Travelling after stroke while waiting pfo closure

I had a stroke 5 months ago due to a clot travelling through pfo in the heart. I’m now on clopidogrel but haven’t yet gotten the pfo closure.
I continue to get weird pain and sensations in part of my head and behind my left eye which causes quite a lot of anxiety. Does anyone any tips on how to ease the anxiety and ways to manage it.

Also I am unsure wether it’s safe or not to be travelling on a short flight (30mins-1 hour). Would anyone have any advice/ know wether or not it’d be okay?

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Hi @orla3333 and welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us. I think a fair few of us get weird sensations in our head after our strokes but for many they ease over time. Anxiety is normal but you need to try not to worry as that will make your head pains etc worse. Try & do things you enjoy doing to take your mind off things or if your usual activity isn’t possible try something like colouring / painting. A bit of mindfulness or find something relaxing to do.

I can’t advise on the flying with a PFO although many people don’t know they have a PFO and go on holidays abroad etc. Getting insurance whilst waiting treatment is extremely difficult.

I flew 5 months after my stroke with no issues. I didnt have a PFO. I did check with my GP who said I was fit to fly. My advice is to check with your GP / Consultant.

Have a look at this leaflet too.

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Hi @orla3333
Welcome although sorry you have had reason to join us.

PFO’s are apparently so common that a quarter of the population have them, many without knowing it. You did for for all previous years too.
A standard treatment is often too manage with medication rather than intervene any further so there are a lot of people flying with unmedicated risk. At least yours is now known and medicated. However that is not advice nor competent opinion :slight_smile:

If you use the magnifying glass above youll find lots and lots on PFO’s, cloppy, insurance, travelling but it will not give you more of an answer but will show you what others have done.

Also if you search you’ll find lots on anxiety and mindfulness techniques to resolve it, and illustration of how it manifests in physical effects and a lot more.

You might also find the welcome post gives you an overview that will be you useful