I know this is stupid as early days but I have a years travel insurance I know as soon as I inform them I will get a massive add on bill do people have any tips on travel insurance that is not sky high obviously I am not looking at holidays but I hope I will in the future I am only 63

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Hi I had to get travel insurance.we get ours via Lloyds bank and it was Allianz . Just over 200? For the year for travel world wide. Didn’t think this was too horrendous . Regards Suzywong


Hi @Jul - I’m 65 now and had my stroke four years ago. My annual policy this year is with Avanti and it cost just over £400 for world wide cover (which includes the USA).

When I had my stroke I was covered by Staysure and had to cancel a fairly expensive trip to South Africa. They paid the claim with no problems. Last year my partner and I had a joint policy and we had to cancel three holidays (my partner’s ill health, not mine). Again this was Staysure and again they paid without argument.

Having said that, Staysure’s renewal price this year was outrageous so we split our policy and shopped around. After I’d bought the Avanti policy I realised they are owned by Staysure. Doesn’t make any sense to me but as long as they pay out if necessary it’s fine by me.

Good luck with it.

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I was with staysure but renewal was crazy even though nothing changed so with marks and Spencer’s aviva runs out October not updating unless we go on holiday when better but I bet if I do it will be extortionate

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@Jul you coukd also try medical travel compared. They are recommended by Different Strokes a charity for younger stroke survivors (under 65 I think). You could look on any comparison site as they’ll all quote for pre existing medical conditions these days.

I’ve always used LV but they won’t cover me now (nothing to do with my stroke I have other conditions that make it harder to get insurance). They’re definitely worth a look.


Both the SA & Different strokes have insurance advice / hook ups on their websites

Ds Travel Insurance After a Stroke | Different Strokes

Stay sure stroke ins.

Or you can Compare the meercat

Hope these help

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