Travel insurance

I can’t seem to access prior conversations about travel insurance so I am having to start “new topic.” Same question about recommending a travel insurance company. Thanks

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I’d like to know, too !! Hope someone knows

I use the standard comparison sites. There are some specifically for people with ongoing conditions.

Thanks, I looked those, but I was hoping someone could suggest one as I’ve had a bad experience with one company that was rated high.

There are 41 posts that mention travel insurance many with people’s preferred insurance companies and also ancillary points like airline assistance and much besides :slight_smile:

Rather than list either their links or the links they contain I suggest you head to the magnifying glass icon above type travel insurance into the box and read through what search returns :slight_smile:

And or you can look at

Plus both the stroke association and different strokes are hooked up to a provider but I don’t think it particularly does you any favours


The specific companies that I have used since my stroke are LV & RIAS. I have a few medical conditions and they were able to cover them all.

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Thanks, I will check them out.

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