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Hello Everyone.
I am sure this may of been asked many times but is it difficult or expensive to arrange travel insurance post stroke ( oh and throw in heart arrhythmia now.
I have a potential of going to New Orleans next year but just wondered about travel insurance Costs (before I go for some online estimates and then get bombarded with spammy emails trying to get me to buy)
Thanks in advance

Hi, we have travelled abroad quite a few times since my stroke in 2017 and have always used an on-line comparison website and it has always been easy as you can adadpt the policy to meet your needs and not too expensive. We have only travelled to Spain and I would imagine that travelling to USA is more expensive.

My one piece of advice would be that you declare everything.

Good luck with your search, I hope you find something to suit your needs and your pocket.

Regards Sue

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@Al59 i have a number of declarable medical conditions & have found a policy with RIAS for my upcoming holiday. There are many travel comparison sites out there that you could try. Have a look at this topic where some useful links have been posted.


We have paid just over £200 for a couples single trip policy. Both of us having medical conditions

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Thank you very much will check it out

Thank you I can’t believe I posted about insurance when I am not going anywhere I think it was shock looking back but will certainly bear in mind :joy:

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If You do a search using the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page You will find there have been many posts that give links :mag_right:
Different strokes have a page and there are affiliated to somebody. The stroke association has a page and is affiliated to somebody.
There is a comparison website that specialises in insurers who underwrite stroke warriors - I’ve posted links :link: to all of them in the posts you’ll find by a search :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this will start checking them out

Hi @Al59 - I hadn’t travelled to the US since my stroke but have just returned from Chicago. My annual policy is with Avanti (subsidiary of StaySure) and cost just over £400 this year after adding the US cover. That’s cover just for me and I did check how much it would add before booking the trip.

My advice would be to shop around and ensure that your policy covers exactly what you need it to. Also ensure you declare everything.

I had to cancel a fairly expensive holiday when I had my stroke and StaySure paid the claim in full. Last year my partner was unwell and we again had to cancel three holidays. All those claims were paid from our joint policy. For a payment of £100s we got back £1000s, which makes you aware of the value of getting a suitable policy.

I’m not touting for StaySure as I went with Avanti this year, but you really need to consider what any potential policy covers and doesn’t cover.

Hope you find something suitable.

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Thank you. I just used Stay Sure online quote to get an idea and it is giving me a quote of nearly £800. I need to factor that in against cost of holiday . Out of interest I changed destination to Italy and quote came back at nearly £150.
May need a rethink.

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Hi @Al59 - I would have used StaySure again this year but Avanti was quite a bit cheaper for the same coverage. After I’d bought the policy I realised that StaySure owns Avanti. Odd isn’t it?

Your quote does seem high in comparison to mine but I’ve only got a couple of other minor medical conditions on top of the stroke. And of course medical costs in the US are enormously high. Maybe you should try a comparison site and see what other quotes you get? Avanti certainly undercut StaySure by what I recall was a significant amount, otherwise I’d have stuck with them.

The increased cost of travel insurance is one of the things I didn’t think about until I had the stroke and unfortunately it does add to the cost of travelling.

Best wishes.

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Thanks again . Yes will do some comparisons and guessed insurances would go up. Will see how it goes but Lake Garda sounding a good bet again.

Hi have you ever been to seen Neurologist specialist before sir

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