Hi every one, iv been on the site for about a week now ( still dont no if im using it propperly) 

I thought i sould share my story propperly. I was 35 when i had my stroke. That was about a yr and a half ago. For 2 weeks befor i had my stroke i had really bad doble vision i couldnt work or drive. I couldnt even see properly to watch tv. I went to my doc the day it started she sent me to the eye infermary were i was triaged and told that there was nothing wrong with me and to go home and come back if i needed to ( i didnt even see a doctor). This went on for 2 wks back and forwared to docs and she said i had an inner ear infection and gave me meds to take. About 2 wks later i had my stroke. You have no idea how angry this makes me now. I feel like because of my age i was ignored. I do have good days as well as days i just want to scream. I was so lucky my husbsnd was with me the day it happened and he got an ambulance strate away. I owe him a lot.