Top gun maverick

Was all set to go to the cinema this afternoon but will have to give it a miss tomorrow as the poorly chosen seats did not take into account my need to use the toilet or stand up. The film is 3 hours long my bladder cannot cope, one of my boys will use the ticket an I will sit at home and feel even more useless than usual since this stroke, next time will chose seats at the back near the toilet, the front seats err near the entrance soot made my wheel chair Access easier fo my wife.

Oh well onwards and upwards love to all.

Sorry to hear that. The cinema should really be more proactive in being flexible with disabled access. Especially since they can’t afford to turn people away these days but more so as it is common humanist sense to cater for all.

It’s a typical USA gun Ho movie really very very well done ., no spoiler alert … the flying scenes are real no CGI from any of the Hollywood actors they were all filmed in the back seat of Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet … the difference being Hornet is single seater . Super. Horner is a 2 seater with navigator sitting behind pilot .pulling up to 5 Gs . Tom Cruise insisted on if Top Gun 2 ( Macerick) was to be filmed … the flying scenes are seat of the pants watching . & hope it will be on dvd by Xmas for yourself to enjoy at home with all facilities you need in easy reach that dosent reqire a hike with backpack being an optional item including your popcorn & soft drink MrFrederickson
A truly mega mega Movie I hope you see it soon :helicopter::helicopter::helicopter:

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Such a shame you feel you can’t go. Can you move seats?
I found the trailer for this film played with my head. Made me dizzy & nauseous. My sensitive hearing also makes cinema out of bounds for me.
It’s rubbish when you have to miss things that you’d enjoy. Surprised the cinema don’t cater better for people with disabilities.
Hope you can find something else to do instead.
Best wishes x

The first time i tried to go to the cinema post-stroke they were allowed to turn me away claiming a wheelchair user would be a fire hazard. Things have improved a bit.

From a purely practical point of view I’ve been caught in the ‘need to pee’ situation too frequently to count. I’ve also had a few falls trying to stand and pee into an emergency container, with the mess that entails.

I created a method that prevents all the fraught and panic situations.
It involves using an old ASDA plastic 350g peanut butter pot, which is small so easy enough to pop under the elasticated waistband of my pants but big enough to hold even quite a big wee. It also has a screwtop cap to cover up when done.
A larger container can be used to tip the wee into so the smaller container can be used again, on say a long journey or during a long stay. Using this method can be reasonably unobtrusive once you have had a practice a couple of times, the point being that you can wee sat down.

I am wheelchair bound and use this method even around the house so I don’t have to keep making a trek to toilet or commode. Unfortunately this a method for males, I have no offering for females. Although I think it is possible to buy some sort of a device. I apologise for the basic talk but sometimes needs must.

I have found this to be very useful and hope others out there can benefit from this method to take a discrete ‘comfort break’.



Thanks for the tip not sure my good lady wife wants the risk so we will plan better and I have a new goal to aim at. Great ingenuity :grin:

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@mrfrederickson here’s hoping you get to share a great day out together soon.

Thanks, she is properly scouting the cinema we are going to watch Jurassic world out soon to compensate for this mistake, will not be defeated

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Mr F, I’m afraid we learn these things over time. I have to book an aisle seat and know exactly where the disabled loo. If you haven’t already, buy a radar key. When I first went to Wales after my stroke, I found most disabled public toilets require a radar key. Please don’t feel useless, we live and learn

Thanks mrF every day learning experience, willl be better after year two has completed.