Toileting problems

I am a carer to my partner who had a brain haemorrhage and stroke almost 13 years ago, aged 38. He is left side paralysed and uses a wheelchair and needs care 24/7. Since the stroke, he has really struggled with going to the toilet, and in particular a poo! He takes Movicol every day, plus a stool softener and has a good diet.However, when he needs to go to the toilet, he says the feeling is there to go, but he needs glycerin suppositories to actually be able to go. Sometimes he has to use several suppositories just to be able to have a poo, and it can take hours to go! I really do not think he is constipated, but instead I wonder whether the stroke has affected his nerves somehow. Does any one else have a similar problem? his gastrenterologist was useless, telling him that no one needs to go to the loo every day!

Dear MArk

Nowhere near as bad as your partner, but stroke did very strange things throughout my whole self. For some months I knew I wanted the loo but couldnt tell which one.

Diet has been altered so that I now poo once a day first thing. Not 100% but it makes life a lot easier.

I agree with your thought that it messes with the nerves or perhaps muscles. So we need to retrain ourselves in order that our brain takes back control. After all, its only our brain that was damaged and not our limbs nor our internal organs.

I am not paralysed and can walk without support so as I mentioned, nowhere near the problems for you, but I idi recognize the same underlying problems.

Best wishes




I'm sorry to hear about your partner's issues since his stroke. There is more information about this, both in our continence section - and on our main website -

As his stroke was 13 years ago, I really am unsure who he could speak to about this but maybe the UK Continence Society could point you in the right direction as it sound like a really troublesome issue for him. The details for the society can be found here -

I hope this helps!

Take care