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Hi all, I am new to the forum I am caring for my husband who has had two strokes one in April which was a bleed affecting right side and one in August affecting left side (clot). He recovered almost entirely from first stroke but second one has affected mobility and speech. He is doing really well with rehab in terms of walking and using left arm and hand, fatigue is a problem but I realise this often seems to be the case. However he is suffering with constipation but only really in that he lacks the sensation to pass the stool although he know he needs to go. Using senna, laxatives and suppositories but struggling. Talking with GP but wondered if others have this problem. Making him feel miserable, nauseous and drained, which in turn affects his rehab.

Thanks all.

It seemed while I was in hospital that I was continuously being asked if I wanted to ‘go’. Telling them I was fine was not the answer that they wanted to receive. So at every medecine round it was suggested that I take something to ‘help’ me. I always refused, but they never seemed to understand.
I know my own body, it has mechanisms that enable it so sort itself out, it has never needed ‘aids’ of this nature. I might go for a week occasionally without any need to use the toilet, I and my body are quite happy about this. I’ve never felt the need for some routine that needs to be followed.
On occasions I have had ‘the runs’ and at other times I have passed through a phase of constipation. All of these, despite the opinion of medical people, I consider to be natural, normal parts of bodily function. Generally my body treats me well and I consider it right to allow it to do its thing in its own way.
I ‘passed’ through the hospital phase of this stroke experience trying as much as possible to continue life in the way to which I was accustomed.
Of course if using medication to slow down and/or speed up regularity of defecation is what one is used to then who am I to go against that?
I do think that when in hospital it is possible to put normal functions under the microscope and start to see stuff that isn’t there, or at least, blow something insignificant up into a seemingly pressing issue.
Please take what I say here as an attempt to be helpful, it is not intended as a criticism.
This forum is a good place to express your opinion ask your questions and discover what others’ experience has been. You are very welcome here, we are pleased to have you, though so sorry that you are now having to pass through this stroke experience. Your husband needs and no doubt appreciates your support at this difficult time. . .
. . . and I, by the way, had a stroke about seven months ago.

Encourage the good, minimise the bad.

. . . and keep on keepin’ on

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@Clare.gardiner welcome to the forum although sorry your husband has had 2 strokes. Sounds like he’s doing really well and that I’d great to hear.
Following my stroke I suffered with constipation and I could go for nearly 2 weeks without needing to go and then when I did it was extremely painful. My diet was a bit all over the place at the time so that didn’t help however when I discussed it with then stroke consultant he also said that being less active doesn’t help either.
I would definitely talk to the GP but also look at what he’s eating. Is it enough fibre? Can he move around a bit more? I couldn’t at the time but now I am my constipation has eased a bit.
It is possible he has lost a bit of sensation in this area and hopefully that will come back in time if that’s the case.
Wishing you all the best.

Ann xx

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Thanks for welcome Bobbi and sharing your experience, it’s so different for everyone

Thanks Ann, he is able to move around a fair bit just he can’t back to his regular toilet routine. I wondered about loss of sensation. So hoping GP can get some further help on that.

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Laxido is a gentle laxative and available on prescription

Suffered for while from constipation while in hospital ,in my doggy bag when I left along with my medication and paracetamol they included senna.once home still suffered for week or two. Wondered whether it was my medication, took senna a couple of times whichelped. After a month or two began eating a lot more fruit and stewed apples and pears and then slowly I got back to normal but thinking back now (two years) it did frustrate me at the time and now I remember that I regularly massaged my lower stomach first clockwise then anti clockwise and it helped. I had suffered occasionally in past but had never resorted to Taking laxatives. Hope it sorts itself out . As Bobi says we can offer our experiences and thoughts but always take profession advice

My GP suggested that my Atorvastatin might be contributing to my constipation, but whatever was causing it it has largely worn off and although I am not 100% back to how I was before the stroke in the toilet department, it certainly has eased a lot and I don’t now have to take laxido

I am suffering constipation 5 months after stroke, have changed from Atorvastatin to Rosuvastatin which together with 3 x 13.72gm packets of STRIGOL per day PLUSat least 1 lt of water per day has helped , but not fully cured me. My wife, I now call “Matron”, keeps on to drink more water. Diet is very healthy, walking a lot etc. Not back to normal but getting there, currently on holiday with "all inclusive " package and cannot face eating all the lovely food/drink on offer in case it does not come out. Water seems to have the best effect for me.

Thanks my husband is taking same statin, so will mention to GP and I hope you are enjoying your break.

Thanks for reply, will mention statin to GP.

Thank yo for taking time to reply, all a bit of balancing act between all the factors I guess.

Hi Clare
Welcome to the forum. My husband has had 2 major strokes and I suspect several smaller ones along the road. His bowels swing from one extreme to the other. I wonder if Artovastatin is to blame but the GP reduced that and the problem remains. I think it is due to his lack of movement [he cannot walk at all, and barely stands with an aid for 30 seconds to transfer to a wheelchair from the armchair or back.
We use two laxido at a time [up to 8 a day is possible apparently though we’ve never done that] and then at the other extreme, we had to use an opposite sachet to ‘bind’ it again! Every week I find it swings from one to the other. He refuses fruit and veg though, except for some baked beans, peas and corn, mushrooms and a very odd bit of tomato and lettuce. So he doesn’t help himself. I’ve been married to him for 45 years and never succeeded with veg much but the way to get it in him is to cut it up small and hide it in bolognese sauce or stews! Greens don’t work for that though. If he sees green he turfs it out of the plate!
Strokes do all sorts to one that is not visible; bowel muscles losing their power is one. I wonder if urethras lose their valves too! I hope you find a good balance. We sympathise! -Anne with Colin!

Hi,I’m suffering with constipation 3months after my stroke. I am taking Rosuvastatin + other meds for a bowel condition.My wife is always telling to drink more water/juice but the draw back is needing to use the loo and peeing for England,the more I drink the more I pee.If we are going anywhere I have to work out where the loos might be.One vicious circle…Good luck with your recovery :v:

Hi Phil- fully understand. Today I ventured from the holiday hotel after not taking softening and other meds last night- felt safe going out this morning after a test try.
It was close to +40c out there, came back nackered but found the Tabac shops and got a friend. who helped in early days of stoke crisis , some 50gm packs of DRUM hand rolling tobac for £5 a pack instead of £17 in the UK. genuine stuff, not made in Russia. Just off to get a G & T before dinner. Goes well with the meds, dont tell my doc.