To those affected

Wishing all those who pass by this way a Happy and Fulfilling New Year 2024

We are all poor pathetic wretches. Victims of our condition.

We are heroic, outstanding adventurers, taking on huge challenges and achieving remarkable successes.

We are very ordinary human beings, trying to find our way around in the dark. We discover that we have somehow to journey, where there are few signposts, having very little idea of where we might be going.

We are members of a group who share and influence one another, sometimes clinging to each other, at other times passing by like ships in the night.

Some of us hope for a destination, others cast adrift, aimlessly wander. There are no guarantees but there are choices and decisions with consequences.

I can’t offer infallible advice but I do suggest, continue as you are, change direction if you must, but

keep on keepin’ on

:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:

(I have plums to de-stone, and must now leave you with my Best Wishes.
There could be a plum crumble on the horizon.
The plumb crumble is delicious.)


And very best wishes for 24 (Or is that till 34?) to you too Bobby :slight_smile: thank you for your good wishes now and your contributions - eclectic, serious, humorous et al

I hope there will be some amongst this group who will feel and feel legitimately that they are part of a community which I think is more than a group.

But I also feel that the community here does not have some of the elements that have been normal in human communities through out time. That would take us a little loose organising, But not much more - who knows what couldn’t grow from it? We will find that there are more benefits to being part of community.



Is - imho - a state of mind or attitude of that I don’t share. That’s ok because community is about hearing the opinions of others, accepting they have a right to hold them and considering whether they …


Great words Bobbi and at the moment I am one of your wretched pathetic creatures! Fed up with struggling and trying to walk properly and feeling I am getting nowhere. Why is it so difficult to do something I have done naturally for well over 50 years? Tired of being dependent on my poor husband and friends but I know I am so lucky to have them.
Promise that’s my last moan of 2023 and hope all on here have a great 2024! In Bobbis famous words “keep on keeping on”!!!


Happy New Year to you & Hilary too Bobbi. Thank you for your wisdom, humour, blogs, recipes etc etc throughout the year. You’ve kept me entertained & been very supportive & I appreciate it all.

I hope 2024 is full of good things for you.

Happy New Year to everyone. Here’s to much improved health for all & lots of happiness. I’m not a fan of New Year so will probably be asleep when Big Ben tolls but whatever you are all doing may it be a good one for you.


@Bobbi Happy new year from me on this my 7th monthiversary of being clobbered by the almighty. I dunno about us being the Affected, it sounds a bit like an indie band, in fact I’ll bet if you Google it there will be one. ‘For those in peril on the sea’ might possibly work better.
I suppose we are all the things you describe to varying degrees and it does often depend on which way the wind blows. I shall make a new year’s resolution to be more positive in my approach and attempt to avoid becoming even more like a moaning old sod.
Time for my first cup of tea of the year. :slightly_smiling_face:



A happy New Year to you and to the others on here.

The moaning old sods’ club has its charms and a good whinge is beneficial to the soul, I tell myself.

I certainly won’t be wearing myself out trying, each day, to be some sort of conquering hero. No fatigue for me, I won’t let things go that far or get that intense.

The comfy chair beckons, I must obey.

From this seat I can be all things, even an Indie group member. The world waits. That cup of tea is a very sound idea, though I prefer coffee.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :laughing: :+1:

The first lines of the lyrics from the Affected’s new release

I did a little thinking and I was struck
It just hit me like a speeding ten ton truck
Me arm and leg don’t work now
Can’t get better don’t know how.

bit sad really

need to go cut some chips, it’s steak for tea.
treated myself to a chinese cleaver for christmas
wickedly sharp will make short work of chip chopping.


@Bobbi I think I like the second verse best. :rofl: :rofl:



Yes the second verse offers hope for a nice new year’s tea tonight,
home made steak and chips, followed by plum crumble and custard,
and then a zoom session at seven.
not a rhyme in sight but non the worse for that.



Not a steak fan but a nice helping of plum crumble & custard would go down a treat.:yum: