To make you smile ?

My husband just read out a post someone made on Facebook " my ability to remember song lyrics from the 80's ( insert year of choice) far exceeds my ability to remember why I went into the kitchen" I know the feeling but I've had a stroke what's his excuse? Sorry love just getting older like the rest of us! ????

Just as I am leaving the house to get my taxi for work.  The wind catches my walking frame and sticks moving them 90 feet away.  Resting against a neighbour's wall. Having no choice I have set off after it all walking with one hand touching the walls and fences at the back of the houses until I am reunited with my frame. This was only 08:30 in the morning my day can only get better???

Just before I'm due to leave work the fire brigade are called and the fire engine is blocking the car park. It was a false alarm caused by the wind thank goodness.  Tomorrow I'm staying in bed!! No I can need to go to the gym.  Hopefully no more adventures.

Oh, no you don't need all this drama ? I'm just going to read your next post to see if the day improved ...?

Yes it got a bit better xx

Kay, it’s good to hear you are into your second week at phased return to work. I’m just catching up with the days news and see you have been given a lot of advice and support so I’ll not ramble on. Fingers crossed for the next stage in your journey. We’re looking out to see how you get on,

take care,,,,,especially with that live walking frame! Are you sure that the wind blew it away? Lol! ??


Yes I had put a bag on the backrest to put stuff in for work. It acted like a sail and watched it take off down the path. If it hadn't been a bit scary it was really funny to watch with me holding on to the gate and yelling No! No! Thankfully bin men been and gone and no neighbour's around.  Think I would have been off to the funny farm. ????

One good thing though Kay ... you could stick two fingers up at the wind because you won and it didn't!  Great news that you are back at work too yes x


Have you heard any news about your scan results yet?

Keeping my fingers crossed for some good news for you! x

I had a phone call from the surgery yesterday. The results are through and Doctor wants to see me on Thurs at 0900.  I'm a bit jittery because the results have come back so quickly when they told me 4-6 weeks but I'm trying to stay positive.  If I can get through a stroke I can get through this!  I'll keep you posted x

Sending you lots luck Thursday. ??

Thank you! x

I dont think the results will go any quicker or slower at the labs. If its a bad result it might be double checked and take longer. 

I am impressed that your surgery can get you an appointment.

Whatever, I wish you good luck.

best wishes


Good luck with your results on Thursday ??

Stay strong, we'll be thinking of you, and look forward to your post xx

We’ll be thinking of  you and looking out for your post on Thursday. Sending hugs ??