Title is required, the msg that went astray

It sounds like you are rocking the boat.
I have a theory about belief, not sure it is as essential as some think. Either theory or belief.
If your life or livelihood depends upon what others believe then I suppose it is essential that they believe what you want them to believe. At the point we begin to examine what we believe I believe we are making progress.
Also it is difficult, at times, to perceive the difference between a truth and a belief. I won’t define them, but will point out that it is worth examining the way they function
Here is territory fit for a philosopher Paul.

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You are right, I was waxing philosophical for benefit of another.
I did have a good day, I hope yours was also great.
I’m not at all sure how these messages address themselves sometimes
Best wishes to you too :smiley:


wow that might be deep :slight_smile:

You might like

It’s very heavy going (and if you do like it it’s only the tip of a very large iceberg)

It explorers the historical roots of belief based religion, their role in providing the framework by which we base most of our interpretation of the world and -as a result of science explaining things that were previously claimed to be the work of a supernatural being -how that might affect the future development of faith and belief and human community’s psychosocial needs

Theory is a bit different.
most people use the word when what they actually mean is more properly suited to the definition of hypothes
A theory is hypothesis that has been proved to be correct so theory is explanation of how the world really works, at least in theory :slight_smile:

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Heavy going is not a route one who has been stroked, such as I, is inclined to chose.
What you perused was a message to someone else that lost its way and what was intended was a little light banter.
Theoretical points aside, I quite like the soft and cuddly as opposed to the hard, harsh and unyielding.

How embarrassing.

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:

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I listened too it in chunks over a week
Mental exercise to supplement the physical of my exercise bike for lower limb & theraband for upper.

No way to tell you had an intended target, you posted to a public space where the convention is to invite comment from browsers who pass by - hence the notifications mechanism

Nice ted. What’s the name &How long have had him?

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R. teddy.
His home is in the realms and domains of Wikipedia. I’m sure if you search you will come across this teddy, who apparently has a pedigree.
Yes that message arrived where it did somehow in an unintended fashion. I very probably jiggled at the last moment and hit a wrong button producing this provocative output.
Perhaps I should not be allowed near a mouse, keyboard and/or digital device at my advanced age.
Aaah, or should that be arrrgh?, the wonders of technology! Soon, very soon, the artificial intelligence will begin babbling its nonsense to itself.

If it had a head it would also nod wisely to itself.

Continue continuously
in total agreement
:melting_face: :+1: