I have just had the shock of an acute ischemic stroke. Fortunately it was nothing worse than loss of speech and momentarily loss of smile. It was only 3 days ago but is it normal to feel so tired just talking. Just having a conversation our phone call leaves me feeling drained.

Phone calls probably worst for me , can't see face of person speaking ! Tv must now have subtitles on or some how brain can not understand ? CEREBELLUM stroke 1.5 years ago ,extreme fatigue every day, mobility problems etc. Hope things improve for you Tulip .Thanks David 

Hi Tulip, sorry to hear that you have suffered a stroke ‚ėĻÔłŹ. ¬†You will find a lot of support, advice and encouragement from this site. ¬†Fatigue after stroke - it goes with the territory unfortunately, especially so soon after the event. ¬†You need to give yourself plenty of rest and as much sleep as you need, this will allow your brain to begin it's massive task of re-booting and re-wiring itself. ¬†At this stage, just take it easy, and rest your brain. ¬†Hopefully you have someone who can help you and allow you to take it easy.

Sending you good wishes, and please let us know how you are getting on xx

Dear Tulip

So sorry to hear that you have been bitten by an ischemic stroke. Welcome to our forum.

 No two strokes are the same, but many of us share common problems.

For the first few weeks i couldnt cope with any conversation. Indeed i dreaded visiting hour because the noise slayed me.

some of us need sleep for anything up to 22 hours a day. Your brain is trying to minimize damage and then learning how to find ways around the damage. Medical term for this is neuro plasticity. The brain wants to close you down whilst it does the repairing.

yes you will be tired like nothing you have ever known. But it does ease. Probably the worst thing is to try and fight it. 

pleased you can smile. Smiling is the best therapy.

my speech returned gradually after about three months.

do come on here and ask or rant or both.usually some of us are around to add our tenpenny worth.

You have survived

best wishes




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Hello Tulip,

For me, conversations can be draining, telephone, face-to-face and, at the moment, especially online video. I usually tell people I've had a stroke and have limited battery life. At a certain point, it is hard for me to formulate thoughts to go with the words and vice versa. I know I am running out of steam when this starts to happen, I tend to get everything out in a few big chunks before this happens. I have found with family and close friends who don't mind, that closing my eyes for a bit during gatherings, phone conversations and one-to-one helps my mind to have a bit of a break.

I had a cerebellum stroke just over a year ago getting there slowly.I was just wondering if anyone finds it hard to sleep I am always exhausted but up by 4 every morning it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed.Thanks everyone 


Cerebellum stroke 1.5 years ago,  I belive bad place , almost nerve centre, above spine . Not really improved, extreme fatigue every day, bed rest 2 hours. Sleep at night improvement, last 3 months poss because amitripline , could not manage without rest during day though. How have you improved,  mobility ? Good speaking David. 

Speech virtually back to normal mobility would be fine if I wasn’t so dizzy all the time I think it has a lot to do with my eyes I believe I now have nystagmus seeing an opthomologist soon.It is a slow process but we have to believe we will get there.Good luck

Dizzy definitely relate to that . Hope all goes well . All the best David.